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False Kiva

I went with +thomas o'brien and +David Kingham to Canyonlands to do some night photography.

Luckily Thomas knew how to make it to this hard to find location.

From the side
Since I was kinda leaching onto their trip for the evening I decided it was appropriate to let them set up first and not shoot right smack dab in the middle but from the side. Plus no one else was doing it... so it'd lend to some differing pictures.

2 connected videos
The light was done with Thomas's LED panel which we reviewed here:

And this is an overview video from the cave with some of our thoughts and how we were going to approach the pictures that night:

30 seconds
iso 3200
Nikon d800
Led panel foreground
Moonlight background + stars

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Good work. I really appreciate all the info about taking these pictures. 
Nice, I like the angle! Video is hillarious
+Tony Jarry yep... and with lots of camera stuff and with snow on the ground and wearing lots of layers for 15 degrees it's not super easy either. But I'd rather that than 100 degree heat
+Scott Jarvie You definitely got an angle that no one gets of this location.  I love it.  In a few years, I'm planning on moving back to Utah and definitely going to try to hit this location.
+Tony Jarry though I doubt "no one" I can see how everyone probably tries to get right in front of it... makes sense. = more skies
+Scott Jarvie hehehe...i know.  So are you going to go into detail on your set up for the stars? Was it standard tripod or did you use a star tracker?
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