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To My Wedding Photographer Peeps
Me sharing some ramblings on Google+ and the wedding industry

Warning Please note: It's a long post ... but at least I'm taking the time to discuss things, there will be spelling mistakes and maybe even be wrong on an idea or two and it could be organized better... but hey I need to get back to editing pictures now. So if the lack of perfection bothers you I'm more than happy to give the money you paid me back ;)

Also posted to my blog here:

Lopsided representation
There are TONS of photographers on G+ sharing and interacting on a daily basis. BUT...
Let's face it: My wedding photography peeps haven't really gotten on the bandwagon yet. Meaning: They are mostly NOT on Google+ yet. Yes there are a few... but there are sooo many more out there (aspiring and established)

A few of them have profiles but even then they don't use G+ very frequently.

I shouldn't complain
Granted I don't suppose I should complain too much since I get calls about weddings all around the world because of Google+ and have become known as "Jarvie: The Wedding Guy" (Which aint bad branding)

Some thoughts on Wedding photographers
Wedding photographers are a diverse group... sometimes they're social but often they do quite well for themselves and decide to seperate business from their personal lives (I know tons of Amazing wedding photographers in Utah who have a very selective group of friends) and aren't very social amongst other photographers. (Let's be fair sometimes it's because they want a life outside of photography and they prefer non-photographer friends)
Somtimes it's just because wedding photographers are among the most busy photographers of any out there. They take and edit crazy amounts of pictures... more than most others. Who has time to do the other stuff? right?

Some come from the old world where they view helping other photographers is like shooting yourself in the foot by helping your competition. (something I can understand but isn't my personal philosophy) those that do socialize seem to do so based on a dollar numbers only... they're trained to do so when economically advantageous.
It's actually kind of the Joke at the WPPI conference/tradeshow that you always end your presentation by pimping your workshop, book, video or training organization.

(again I don't fault them for trying hard to be successful... yes there are appropriate ways to get people to want your services or product)

But being on google+ doesn't really mean fast money to anyone as of yet. it's an investment into yourself, into other people and into a system that they'll have to have faith will still be there for them 4yrs from now. Many people don't have the vision or are simply more than happy with where they're at... that's a lot of them. They're happy with their past investments and their position in the mediums they've found themselves.

As for me
It's kinda fun being the big fish in the small pond (even though the pond is 90 million people big) Twitter was harder because it wasn't really about how awesome your pictures were. But google+ people are more apt to recognize that because the pictures are much more in your face.

Yeah I'm not technically a huge fish like the 30 or so other amazing photographers that got on the Google+ suggested users list. (with good reason) (And got 300-400k because of it) But I am aware and appreciative to be the most followed photographer Not on those lists and that's cool and is pretty amazing to me. But my creativity, hundreds and hundreds of hours of work and many hundreds of posts probably had something to do with it.

Frightened of Weddings
What's neat is that let's say 90%+ of the photographers on here wouldn't touch wedding photography if someone bribed them a lot of money to do so. (isn't that so +Trey Ratcliff +Colby Brown +Thomas Hawk +Jay Patel ?) But those people still get requests to do weddings... and some photographers even get married from time to time. All around the world... which should be nice with my lack of a travel charge for weddings.

I've invested hundreds and hundreds of hours sharing, teaching, and helping to organize a community that I know it will all play out well in the end. And if not I've still made lots of friends and gotten better at my craft with the push to share and help others.

FACEBOOK - TWITTER: A historical perspective

I was an early adopter to facebook... in fact I used to get a lot of weddings through ads on facebook back before anyone else tried. (Been years since I've done that.) Then all photographers started to realize how helpful facebook was. Then they came out with FB pages and now every photographer seems to have a page.
I still use facebook a lot because that's where the more typical clientelle are and that's where my clients are and where they put their pictures.

I remember the first WPPI where there were a few of us that would meet up because we knew eachother through the new site called twitter that was already getting attention in the media but photographers hadn't quite jumped on yet.

* #wppi searches*
WPPI is a conference for wedding and portrait photographers... it's like wedding photographer spring break. It's heavily talked about on twitter these days and even amongst my friends on FB but isn't really showing up on Google+ yet.

I was gonna do a giveaway of passes on my account with +SmugMug's help
But the people just aren't on yet. So now I'm wondering what to do... and that's what prompted this write up.

It will take time
I understand why wppi is not showing up on searches yet.
I remember a few other topics that I would search for on Google+ and they would barely show up and every week I check and more and more content is showing up on those themes each time.

So it will come along eventually. Specially when photographers know they can post with their phone. Though granted conferences like WPPI have horrendous cell phone/internet reception and using twitter via text is not a pretty thing. so twitter can sometimes be much easier and will continue to be most prevelent this year.

Soon they'll come to Google+
Granted there are ALREADY hundreds of thousands of photographers on G+ along with lots of early adopter types I just don't know if the rest of the wedding world will jump on til probably late this year or next year.

I have little doubts that they'll come and those that made the investment now will be benefited in the long run if they play their cards right.

Understanding the Google+ crowd
But they'll need to understand that the crowd on Google+ is much more accommodating to people that share and the crowd is more discerning on great work and great personalities. So some of the old twitter / blog tricks will have to be adapted. But hey there is still a decent cult of personality which let's face it exists everywhere. Yes I admit that many of the leaders of the wedding industry have actually abandoned doing wedding photography and they're heavily followed because they spend their time teaching how to be successful in business above teaching photo-skills. (And I can understand why people love this) But it's a different crowd on Google+

They'll come when...
1. I think they'll wait for there to be vendors giving away things on Google+ or some talk about it at WPPI in las vegas. Then they'll all rush to it.

2. They will come when they understand that posts to Google+ will help their content show up much higher on Google searches specially among their friends.

3. They'll come when they know how much better a location Google+ is to present their pictures and how much more social it can be. They don't know that they can connect with all sorts of clients and clients friends with Google+ and not have the clutter that connecting would create on FB or twitter. I can understand why they're sticking on FB where they're used to high levels of interaction and many or most of them will just wait to follow the crowd to wherever they go.

4. They'll come when their heros come this way... when the people they know and respect come this way.

Follow the leader
Think about it your landscape/travel people are who are here on google+ but the big names in the wedding world aren't the people that talk at conferences at WPPI are not. None of them. Not a one. I am not one of those guys.

not even the organization WPPI themselves is on. They don't even have an account.
If they do have an account they've written something like this 4 months ago:
"Hey folks, I think I am over Google+. I've reached the Facebook friend limit, but you can still subscribe to my public updates at I won't be updating this page or checking it anymore (not until G+ catches on to the masses at least). Connect with me on FB or Twitter @thebecker."
Funny because these were some of the pioneers in things like blogs and twitter and facebook before they reached the masses and they didn't have a problem then.

They used to be the thought leaders... and now they're getting comfortable is my theory. There are many that with their influence just want to dictate what the industry should get into and where it should go. It's easier than leading by example and taking a temperature and relating that info.

About me
I've just been silently doing weddings for years now and never ventured into the national/international scene until Google+
I am the high end photographer for the mid/low-range wedding. (It makes me happy but it doesn't make me known) I don't submit to wedding magazines or the wedding blogs that act as king makers. (Style me pretty, 100 layerd cake)

I don't mind if they don't come
It's alright ... I don't mind at least getting a head start and being here with just a few of my wedding friends... there's some pretty amazing wedding photographers out there... all the great ones have very good and sometimes unique styles. A rising tide

But when they do come
I will be happy.
It'll be great... more awesome photographers to share with us awesome wedding photography. A rising tide
Wedding photographers are very talented... they use their skills in many arenas beyond wedding photography. They can be good at so many different styles because they've been through the fire/gauntles of being a wedding photographer.

And when they join I hope at least my personality and willingness to share keeps me ahead of the curve. haha

Until that time... Who are those Wedding photographers who are going to be at WPPI or want to go but need a pass?

Let's get our G+ "Clique" on at WPPI
And share my ramblings with your wedding photo buddies if you so desire.
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Great photo!....Just shows that creativity always beats the weather. Oh..and I think you mean "pouring" :)
fixed - Haha there will be plenty of other mistakes. But just as long as they aren't mistakes that make it ambigious that people wouldn't be able to understand.
the more the merrier I say! Good write up. You are right, they are coming.
I definitely fit in the "too scared to do" group, but i enjoyed your post anyway, and welcome your investment in G+. It is a very intuitive way to enjoy the work you have shared..
I'm in the hope I never have to shoot a wedding group to, but always enjoy your shots and would recommend you in a heartbeat if someone wanted a top wedding photographer!
Great post. I am curious to know why some photographers won't touch weddings.
+Christa Laser I just haven't done portraits at all =) wedding is especially scary. Give me a landscape or macro anyday =)
Excellent write-up...While it is true that I would not do wedding even if you paid me tons of money (notice I did not put a figure on it)...but I have done wedding before. Most recently just last year....but I had to do that one and could not get out of it (family :-(...and I did not get paid for it either).

I dont think photographers on G+ know big name wedding photographers...perhaps a list would be good.
+Christa Laser - They kill my soul :) But I am more then happy to push people towards +Scott Jarvie ...heck I even will be hiring him to shoot my sisters wedding :)
+Christa Laser Easy. I dont like photographing people....Just like teaching them to photograph. It is also requires a unique skill set to deal with all the people issues (non-photography related issues) at the wedding.
Shooting weddings is very scary because it is a one-time shot and you have to do it as close to perfectly as you can and do it every time. When you take a picture of a building, it's no big deal, if you mess it up you can take another. When you take a picture of the groom kissing the bride and you mess it up, she is going to take it personal and so are the two mothers. Mixing business and personal makes your blood pressure go way up. Kudos to those that do it very well. I've done it for a couple of friends and you are paranoid the whole time. I think I got lucky and got a few really good shots, but when you charge for it you have to make lots of really good shots and a few great shots. And then you have to tell everyone what to do and have them listen to you. Lots of fun... lol

Very well written. Definitely something they should be thinking about. Though after your post on loading photos the other day, I can see where some of the tools are simply lacking to make it useful to a wedding photographer. Perhaps you are leading the charge on making changes that will help pave the way for others as well. Many valid points from wanting to do their own thing to not seeing the big names. One of the interesting things about G+ is that I really don't know anyone on here personally. That shouldn't stop photographers from going to town on their profile though as you can always point people to it if they ask. Maybe they need more interaction, or got scared off by too much interaction when they should have been editing. I just take my hats off to personable photographers that can do weddings.
Great write up! I only got married three years ago and it was super tough finding a photographer long distance as I was married in San Diego and live in Phoenix. I visited all of the websites trying to get a "feel" for what someone was like.... I didn't want traditional but I wanted someone who really took good pictures.... I think as google + is now open to the general population, they will start to come over this way. I was actually thinking of telling my photographer to come on over.... I think I will send your write up as the intro, thanks!!
+Jay Patel fair enough request.
well here's a list of some of the speakers at WPPI
Though because I'm on Google+ sooo much I don't recognize half of them and this is only a small portion in this particular list... to see more one would need to see the class schedule. There are dozens.
But look at those put in the big classrooms and you'll know which are the more well known people.
One thing that will be hard for some wedding photographers (In regards to Google+)

There is an expectation to put up lots of pictures (though there are ways around it) in your galleries on Google+ and sometimes wedding photographers are taught to be very selective on what they put on their "portfolio" and often you'll see websites with maybe a dozen pictures.

They call it good marketing (and it is good business-wise) but I call it unfair to the client.

And so they'll be pushed to put up lots of pictures on Google+ and for them to be larger.
Great post. Almost drifted into the TLDR territory, but I made it through (most of the way).

I'm always down with connecting with other photographers, but what I've really started to watch out for is the upstart photog who is really just trying to pepper you with questions to copy your business model. Asking me how I did something in post is one thing, asking about my suppliers & price points starts to cross the line. That being said, read my book, buy my tutorial DVD and book your weekend photo class with me now. Wait , I don't have any of those. Just circle me instead
You're right it was a long post. Scott, I love your wedding pictures. I have up to now done 3 weddings (paid jobs) and my confidence and skills have taken huge jumps by each one. At first I looked down on wedding photographers, I expect it was a mixture of immaturity and fear. As a couple of people have said 'you only get one shot' and I didn't want to take someones hard earned cash and then make a mess of what is probably one of the most important days of their( and by their I mean, the bride and her mother) lives. I am by no means a gooey eyed lovey dovey wedding lover, but, I am in the service industry and I understand what it means to the people who hire me. I strive to be better,I love the challenge, but most of all, I love the fact that photographers like yourself are willing to share and inspire the photographer who wants to be better.
+Christa Laser I've shot two weddings as a second shooter for +Ivan Makarov. I mostly did it because I saw it as an opportunity to get some interesting portraits. And I think I did. Here are three that I like:

That said, a wedding is a TON of work. And not just spending 10 hours the day of shooting. Processing is a killer afterwards as well. Personally I don't want the responsibility on my shoulders for ensuring that a wedding shoot goes perfectly. There are so many things that could go wrong and I wouldn't want to assume that with so little experience on such an important day for someone else. This is why I've only ever shot as a second shooter. Ivan told me to just do what I do. Sort of shoot street style at the wedding. Ivan took care of the more traditional group shots and all the lighting and all that other stuff.

Personally I want the freedom to shoot what I want to shoot regardless of any economics involved. I have a day job and don't rely on photography as my income so I'd rather not commit so much time to one subjet matter. I want to travel and photograph America more than I want to shoot weddings. I'm glad that I've shot a few, and who knows, under the right circumstance could shoot a few more as a second shooter, but mostly I prefer the freedom of building my archive of images without any sort of commitment that a wedding takes.

+Scott Jarvie works his ass off. But to be the best at something that's sort of what you have to do. And he is a damn fine wedding photographer. When you hire him you are getting that seasoned experience and ensuring that you will have super high quality photos of your important day. Personally I'm not willing to commit the time and energy to doing that. I want to commit my time and energy to photography more broadly speaking. I do work hard but I like the freedom that comes with not being tied so much to a single subject. But that's just me.
+Scott Jarvie thanks for the write up. While I can not claim to be a contributor of any significance, I have noticed that some of the topics I am interested in have very little content or exposure on +Google+ . As you cleanly summarized, they will come, its just a little hard to be patient and wait for it.
+Jason Schulthess side note: when do you think Yellowstone will open up to car travel again? Or did it ever close with such a lack of snow? (Or do you go much?)
+Scott Jarvie Just don't start looking at my posts, I am sure there are many errors (besides the photos LOL ). I have done some weddings but what I have found is that the people who are great at doing them. If a photographer gets into wedding photography "just" to make money, I think they will end up hating it and will produce inferior work since the passion is not there. Like +Thomas Hawk , I don't mind shooting as a second shooter but really don't want to get into the wedding game full time. Besides, there are too many great wedding photographers who really love that type of photography :)
I love photographing people - but I don't shoot weddings. The one big reason? Time. People simply don't understand the amount of time involved. It's not just an hour in the chapel and a few hours at the reception. It's post-processing hundreds - even thousands - of photographs. It's checking out the location in advance so you know what you are up against in terms of lighting, location, etc. It's photographing the bride before the ceremony, the tables before the reception, the signing of the marriage certificate. All the little details that must not be forgotten because they only happen once.

+Jay Patel and I have done a few weddings... and although he hates doing it, I don't. I simply dread the drain on time. Unless you are a big name wedding photographer, the time you spend isn't valued. People think that because you are only shooting for a few hours, they should pay for just a few hours of your time. All that time you spend behind the scenes is undervalued. So, my advice to the wedding photographer... find out how long it's REALLY going to take you to handle the whole job. And make sure you charge appropriately. Weddings aren't scary. But they are time-consuming.
Well put! You are are pioneer and a visionary of an ever evolving digital age. Your investment here has not gone unnoticed. Your energy and investment in other people is reaping rewards much bigger than just the bottom line.
I will be at WPPI. It would be sweet to throw a G+ party!
+Scott Jarvie Response to side note: I was in West Yellowstone this last weekend. There is a good amount of snow, so the roads are closed and only accessible by Snow Coach or Snowmobile. Typically Yellowstone opens to vehicle traffic in mid April to early May depending on snow conditions. Side note to the side note: If you are ever shooting in my area, I would be glad to assist so I can learn more from you.

snowcoach west yellowstone
Hi +Scott Jarvie +Daniel Dryden ! Great write up and your photos are incredible. I was happy that my good friend Dan shared your post with me - Thanks Dan! I'm new to G+ and I've been doing wedding photography in Kansas City for about a year now. So technically I'm an amature. :) I agree with you that it is hard to find other wedding photographers in G+ but I believe your write up will make them think again. It surely had me thinking and just like you... I will be patient and start posting some of my work up, and just like you...wait. The tides are changing to G+. :)
Wish we could make it to WPPI... too shooting crazy busy! I like your points of view... Key points complacency kills, thats for sure...mind your best to not get to comfortable = great theory +Scott Jarvie ! I agree with you on FB. Its simply where they are.

I like being social, I just kinda suck at it.... If you had a full on crazy mad following here and FB and on the blog or twitter, wherever...who has time to individually address each and every handshake / comment? Its mind boggling actually... I usually spend my time managing a team who is helping me stay organized with my production, edit, sales, etc...Suddenly, managing my social media outlets becomes a liability if it gets too big, no?

I really hope you get to travel more this year...come to the beach and visit us amigo!
I signed up for G+ early on but the plan to get it all set up and updated with an initial profile, photos, etc, and participate in a meaningful way -- just got put on my mental list of Things to Eventually Do. And especially cause I initially would come here regularly and read lots of people's stuff, but there's just so much great information and interesting things being shared that I spent waay too much time looking at everything. And now I'm at the point where I avoid clicking on my little shortcut to come here for fear of getting distracted for hours! But you're absolutely right, it's a great place to be for many reasons and this comes at a time when I was hoping to get back on that horse anyway. So thanks for this write up.

And the past 2 -- well including this year, 3 years, I've always thought that, oh by next year I should go to WPPI, I will be more established, good enough, etc - then it will be "worth it". Probably not the greatest outlook to have! No time like the present :)
Wow this was a very well put together and insightful post. As an amateur photographer this kind of opened my eyes a bit on the wedding photography business. I really wondered why there were fewer of them on G+ than I would have thought.
I sent this to my wedding photographer from 3 years ago - she joined google+ this evening.... thanks for the write up!
Great post +Scott Jarvie You are is hard to find wedding photographers here on G+...they simply havn't seen the need or reason yet, which is a shame. I have been shooting weddings for 15 odd years and love it...I love the intensity, the still gives me a rush and coming up with great shots under those conditions still excites me. I think I just enjoy being involved with the whole emotion thing and being around people in these situations. I enjoy shooting landscapes every now and then but it doesn't increase my heart rate quite the same each their own I guess.
+Hope OHara Yellowstone in the winter....hmmm. That's been on the list for a while.
I just searched on Google+ for hours yesterday looking for wedding photographers as friends asked me to shoot theirs. Your post explains a lot and I will keep my eyes open for wedding photography at Google+, tryingto learn as much as possible before a disappointed bride gets the chance to kill me. ;)
Great all around! I love all the input that everybody has on this thread. I have only done two wedding in the past year because I have herd some really bad stories that some photographers go through and that has scared me off. I am coming around to the thought of doing more weddings because I haven't had any bridezilla's yet. I love photography and I shoot just about anything and anyone.
From what I've seen, wedding photography is being faced with lighting and positioning challenges and immediately being able to handle the situation to create beautiful work. I'm surprised and thankful that I'm starting to get wedding work, as I really love to capture that love and joy. I started following a circle of "wedding photographers" on google+ but didn't see much being posted. I think it is great that you +Scott Jarvie are the go to Google+ wedding photographer. I just tried to get you a job last week, but they chose me. (I think it had a lot to do with budget, as hands down, you'd be my go to guy). Google+ will eventually get you a lot of business. It might be directly, but a lot of indirect, like me, sending people your way. You'll get on a much larger radar. Others will see the advantages of google+, and you're right it is a long term thing. My husband laughs at my 13,000 followers (He's got 4?) and says, if they each sent you an internet dollar.... oh wait, you can't spend internet dollars....You've got the right idea and eventually I do believe that google+ will help you earn real dollars (from weddings and the like) from your internet dollars. Investing in people and relationships does pay off, and I'm so thankful you do!
Hey +Scott Jarvie, what a great post! It's true that a lot of the big name wedding photographers aren't on G+. I've been doing weddings for awhile and it's intense but it's my passion to shoot them. I just love seeing the emotions on a wedding day displayed in pics. Truly beautiful! However you are one of my fav photographers and I follow you a lot and try to practice your style! Haha. When my friends ask for a photographer I usually recommend you! I would love to be a 2nd shooter for you, haha. Actually I think one of them was planning to hire you for a Vancouver wedding next year in september, I believe. Hope that went through!
Regarding your blog post: unless you're selling photography training to photographers, getting more photographers to follow you isn't nearly as good for business as getting clients to follow you. Are they on G+ yet?
Great post +Scott Jarvie! I admire what Wedding Photographers do and feel there's a lot to learn from them. Been told from friends that it's the best photo convention out there even if you don't do weddings. I definitely want to go to WPPI and am trying to get my brother {who has connections with everything in Vegas but is too busy giving them to everyone else} to find me a pass. I'm local so if anyone does a G+ thingy I would come!
I would love to do weddings. I know it's a ton of work and I lack experience, but I think it would suit my personality. I would love to shadow or be an assistant. My biggest problem is that I don't have Saturday nights open right now.
Good post Scott.. I find its tough to decide which social network to put my free time into.. but I have been using Google+ a lot recently especially since +Thomas Hawk won't shaddup about it :)

Weddings make up a good amount of my income so I could be put in the wedding category, I also do a lot of editorial photography as well though. I think Flickr still has a big active group of wedding photographers (especially in the Starting A Wedding Photography Business) that they use.. eventually I think if Google+ continues to grow it will keep attracting Wedding Photographers..
Funny. I was just looking at my wedding files and wondering if posting images would be of use on Google+. I keep it to two or three a year because of the work involved-- but I do love the energy and constant photo opportunities of wedding days. Good to know there's a group here. I'll see who I can connect with. I keep hoping that Gerry Ghionis will join-- he's been my inspiration for years.
+Scott Jarvie thank you for the post it was very informative. I have just ventured recently into the wedding photographer starting at the low-end and working to mid-range now. I have been here for a while but need to post/share more images. I definitely feel the pains of not having enough time as I also work full time and my free time is spent editing or with my small family. Thanks for the motivation, WPPI looks like it would be awesome to attend!
When I found Google+ recently, the first thing I did was look for other wedding and portrait photographers that I know - and I know a lot. They aren't here. I rarely do weddings. I love doing them! Nothing like the adrenaline of doing a wedding. The next day hates me though. Plus, in this economy (Vegas), it's always an uphill battle. We have people here willing to do weddings for $300. No kidding. They're willing to pay me $500 because I have 20 years' experience. No, thanks.
I wonder if the portrait and wedding photographers are afraid of having their work appropriated if they post it. Well, +Scott Jarvie, if you're still having trouble with those WPPI passes, let me know. I think I can help you with that. grin
Just found this post on someone else's stream. Must have missed it in mine with all the noise :/
I love shooting weddings. I think it's because I count myself as a guest when there and have fun. Sure there's that responsibility to follow the B&G at appropriate moments, but I also like to mingle properly and take photos of the sideshow that the guests create for themselves. I haven't done nearly enough though, I'm still mainly portraiture.
I know quite a few wedding photographers here in the UK, and many are on G+ - but hardly any are active on here. I think they joined because everyone else was doing it, but they haven't quite "got" it yet. My wedding circle on here (some other person's shared circle) contains about 50 members, but I am in the process of removing those who don't have wedding pictures in their albums. I'm doing the same with my Portrait circle first, and I've already moved/removed about 250 people...
I just wish I was over there to come to your convention!
Great post. I have personally only done one wedding and still being new at photography I am not certain how much I want to devote to weddings. I love portrait work but there is something special about nailing that shot at the wedding. About showing the bride her memories and seeing the emotion. I don't know where my photography will take me but I do know that it is what I want to do more then anything and I will do what it takes to make it. And I hope that G+ may help to get me a step closer, if for nothing else then the inspiration from others. 
How important to your customers quality of the photos and how much the quality of the photo book, the details of the case and so on ...
Took me so long to read this that I hope I haven't missed the deadline!  Haha!  I understand exactly what you're talking about with so many of my own friends and acquaintances not willing to make the G+ plunge.  I also loved attending WPPI through the generosity of a friend last year.  I have steered many of my photographer friends who are also Vegas locals like my self to attending WPPI this year because I talked it up so much with everyone I meet.  I would love to score a pass again +Scott Jarvie if you know of anyone who can't get out to Vegas and use their ticket!  {Oh and thanks for the morning read, you are brilliant as usual!}
This is a fascinating post +Scott Jarvie mostly because I will literally be giving two different presentation at WPPI about social media heavily skewed towards Google Plus. I have noticed in speaking at other conferences and retreats that many big names in the design sphere online as well as the wedding sphere don't truly understand the power of G+. 
+Vivienne Gucwa you posting this brought it back to my attention. I am not going to WPPI this year, but I do shoot weddings. I need to post more here. I run into a brick wall whenever I talk to people about google+, they want an immediate return on investment. They don't understand how it really skewers search results. If someone has me circled and they type in even the name of a famous photographer and I have written about them, my post comes up on the front page. I really enjoy Google+ more than other social media, but it isn't an immediate return on investment and doesn't work for "filling workshops" or "reaching out to brides" friends of friends are still used to checking Facebook for photos. 
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