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Taking advantage of each evening in Bolivia

San Pablo - Probably the least colorful sunset of the whole 8 day tour was in this  sleepy town last night. We arrived without sufficient time to go anywhere special for sunset but we got out and shot some stuff.

I focused on this random house with the cool walls and blue doors. Had there been anyone (but the couple of random kids running around) they probably would have wondered what the heck I was doing.

In short: This is in the middle of no where pretty much a day's drive from Laguna Verde the night before and still about 7hrs from our final stop of Tupiza.

It was a good change from the dramatic landscapes we'd been doing each sunset and I figured it was important to take advantage of each night we had.
Plus the room was small and freezing cold
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It looks to me as though it could be deep dense pastel work. very pretty image.
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