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{The final RoadTrip picture + the final RoadTrip recording}

This was my last stop on my 35 day Photo Road Trip So i've edited the picture.

And then I went ahead and uploaded my final video recording to youtube... which is a RECAP video about the "Wins and Fails" of my setup and some of the items that made my road trip better... or worse and what I'd do differently next time.

It's a response video to one of my very first videos 35 days before when I talked about my setup for my road-trippin-car-campin toyota venza.

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Oh holy wow! Great picture. I can't wait to see your video. I'm going there next :)
lovely picture, it's kind of awesome how it looks like the temple is sinking into the ground, not sure if its the angle or the constructions of the building... either way it looks cool
Thanks so much for doing/sharing all of this RoadTrip stuff, +Scott Jarvie!   The visits/interviews with your family were an unexpected and fascinating part of this for me.
+Frank DeMarco the interviews of my father and brother? Cool.

+Monique Yates whatcha think? Should I mainly stay behind the camera and just make cameos in my videos?
I am really digging the soft, warm, blue sky... and they way the temple lights glow the exterior - awesome!
I liked it, there's some great info there. I had no idea you had all those things plugged in, in your car. You might add in a fire extinguisher :) 
I shared it.  Hope to see ya soon.
+Peter Herget thanks. Some temples have a better lighting scheme than others. This one had great even lighting on it.
Great video recap - definitely best with you in it.  I want that tripod.  
Good first hand info on photography road trips.  I would have not learned as much without the hand jesters.  The hand jesters emphasis a point, allow points made to gain access to the brain better and direct  the viewers eyes around the viewing area.  Following the hand jesters exercises the eye muscles and possibly preventing presbyopia in later life.  Good job !  ;-)
My new RRS tripod? Save your pennies and your $100 bills ... you'll need a lot of them. haha
I love the Manti Temple.. A lot of great memories there. 
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