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During every Roadtrip...
(This is new to almost all of you.)

I field phone calls when i'm driving (yes hands free)

I answer photography questions when I'm in a boring area or it's night.

I am specially interested in talking about.
How Google+ can help you as a business or as a photographer.

Because I'm in the process of writing a post about this subject I'd love to discuss it with those that haven't used it (but want to) and those that have only dabbled with it.

Specially looking to help a few businesses.
(Get me your phone number... you decide how... if you want to you'll figure it out)
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I am definitely interested in reading that post. I am clueless when it comes to marketing myself.
Us as well. Been trying to figure out the whole 'market your business' thing for a while now. Looks like we all need some help on this front, Scott!
Until we see the business client for G+ we really won't know. I am very interested in the the subject. Do you have some information what the G+ business client will bring to the table and how it will integrate with the rest of the Google business/marketing tools?
Well I have a long drive tonight and I would gladly exchange knowledge for help keeping awake. Who's up? I need phone #s

How many people can the iPhone conference? ;)
send a priivate message to me or an email that way I'll be more comfortable sharing the phone# specially for those out of country so they can do the calling as I don't have an international plan. haha If you're USA i'll call as soon as I'm off with the other. haha

Soooo many more hours to drive!! ahhhhh

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