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145 Google+ users that work for some of our favorite photography services and stores.

Yes, there are links to the Profiles.
Yes, it took a while to put together.
Yes, it is a growing list.
Yes, i want people to help fill in the holes.
Yes, re-share it.
Google+ users that work for some of our favorite photography services and stores
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Dude you are INSANE -- that must have taken forever! Awesome... really... I know how much work goes into that stuff... so really incredible!

Maintaining it is a beast... I bet making it a Google Doc and letting the community do it would save you future woes...

And that photo of you with the red house in the background is hilarious... love it
Nice list. Found a few to add. Needs more work on the NP portion. 50% of the ones I opened aren't labeled NP but had no posts.
love the old guys that work at B&H... they all got great photo related stories...
+Eugene Smiley I tried to make sure their posts said Public and weren't just available to me. Sorry... if you list them I can fix them.

+Trey Ratcliff Haha yes it was time consuming but sometimes long mindless projects are just what I need to shake things up. Thanks for the recognition on the work.

there is a limit on this particular list... because only so many individuals total can work at these places. I thought about the DOC but so far I think I might just update every couple of weeks. The expectation is if people add them here it won't be hard to do.

It really did help me get a better understanding for the companies involved and connect with some of the individuals.
This is great stuff, thanks! It's refreshing to find another useful list.
The title of this post alone was enough to hook me. (I know, lame pun, right??? Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Can't promise it won't happen again.)
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