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Peanut butter and...
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Fluff with banana's! Oh yeah!
Toast would also be not such bad idea.
cold butter.. dunked in hot chocolate. mmm
Fritos! (The scoops work the best.)
Slices of crisp granny smith apples~
Hot toast (straight from the toaster) and apply butter as well. Awesome.
+Jim Wilson Do you happen to be from Ky? that's the only place I've seen people do that, and it's normally with a bowl of chili lol
..... more peanut butter..... on honey wheat bread!!!
...butter with fleur de sel on top on white bread
....*jelly*...peanut butter jelly.... strawberry please
Peanut butter and sugar, pop in the microwave for a few seconds, leave to cool and harden.
+ soft cheese on a piece of fresh crusty bread.
toast, crackers and of course chocolate.
... with soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, ground ginger and chicken stock cooked on low flame for satay dipping sauce. Mmmm. :)
& bacon on a grilled bagel ...mmmmmm
Chocolate spread, its a deconstructed snickers
And honey on toast washed down with hot tea... Or with banana and marshmallow fluff in a sandwich. Yummy!
a hungry dog with a soft tongue
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