Hello world!
It's me... in a video... (Get used to it)
Fall in love with Scott Jarvie all over again.


Ok maybe you don't need to "fall in love"
but just learn why I'm doing a Youtube Channel.
And understand why it's worth giving someone $20 in prints.

{I think I can recap why I'm doing a channel:}
I like sharing and it's given me more sense of purpose to create these videos while on the road and at home. It's made life more interesting. More of a voice.

{SERIES of Videos  - a.k.a. Playlists}
- Interviews
- Product Reviews
- Location Reviews
- VLOGS/Updates (like this)
- Photo Stories
- Photo Tips
- Randomness
- Temples
- Timelapse videos
- Slideshows and Photoshoot reviews

{200 subscribers = celebrate}
I know I have over 100,000 on a couple different locations but YouTube is new for me.

Write a comment and put #20 in it (on any of my videos) and I'll give $20 to one of those folk.

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