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My brother filmed this timelapse of the sunset over Portland last night. Perfect summer evening.
One of the best sunsets of this summer from Milwaukie, OR.

90 minutes compressed down to 3.

Music: 'Open Sea Morning' by Puddle of Infinity

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I really love these guys, been listening to them a lot over the last few years. Not only do they put out some really great original music, but they do a lot of awesome covers of popular songs, and are really active on YouTube, uploading videos for a ton of songs. Check out +OurLastNightBand.

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Hooray for the upcoming holiday, glad to get it off. 4 day weekend!
Presidents’ Day: Fun Facts About U.S. Presidents

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a great wrestler, and that Barack Obama is both the 43rd and 44th president? Learn more presidential fun facts in +Learning Liftoff's latest post. 
#PresidentsDay   #trivia  

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This technology is advancing rapidly, crazy to see how nimble these things are now.

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This news is fascinating and disturbing, and I wish it was more surprising. I am happy to see that some action is being taken here, and that we may find some form of accountability in the future. 
This is just insane. It turns out that when you buy herbal supplements, you are not actually getting what it says on the label (in the US at least). 

Just stop and think about this for a moment. Imagine what happened at the meeting where they decided to create a product where they are listing ingredients that aren't actually in the product at all. What kind of sick person would do that?

Take the GNC “Herbal Plus” Echninacea. The New York State attorney general found that instead of Echninacea (a type of flower), "Five test identified oryza DNA (bamboo). One other yielded the DNA of pinus (tree) or ranunculacae (a completely different flower). And 14 test detected no plant DNA of any sort in the product."

Or what about the "Walgreens “Finest Nutrition” St. John's Wort"? Out of 15 tests, only three contained any DNA, but none of them was St.John's Wort (another type of plan). None!

This is a scam, and it's done by massive businesses and sold by huge retailers.

I could somewhat understand if they exaggerated a little bit. Like when the ingredient on the label isn't actually the dominant one. I don't approve of that, but I can understand why that happens. 

But, in these cases, none of the ingredients listed on the labels were found in the products. None!

What the frak?


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Friends, family, Portland community, please be on the lookout for this Jeep which was STOLEN from the Lloyd Center parking garage. Please share with others in the Portland area if you can.  Really want this vehicle back unharmed, but I may be too optimistic. 
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Obligatory sharing of Portland video, even though I am fairly certain the one going around this week is the same one from a couple of years ago. Great footage nonetheless, it's a fun tour of the area!
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