We took the +Yoast  +WordPress  plugin version and fixed the missing description tags in paginated categories, and made them unique as well.

EVERY SEO TEST IN THE WORLD SHOWED AN ISSUE so we had to fix it for our client. 

Note: We have NO INTENTION of fixing this continuously  on the plugin, so be warned -  When you see the "upgrade needed" notice, doing so will overwrite our changes.

Here'e the plugin - unzip first - 

It works with WordPress 3.91 as of today, May 22, 2014 but of course when the plugin is updated, it will break.  

Just unnzip the package locally first, then you can install the plugin and import the settings. 

Yoast says that I was the only one complaining about it,  but here's just one of many threads complaining about Yoasts "removal" method of dealing with the duplicates.    

Here's my original request to fix the paginated issues that was ignored -   https://github.com/Yoast/wordpress-seo/issues/1059

Here's the twitter thread that I began  four days after I had  zero response from my bug post- 

Here's a link to the fixed plugin in use - Note the unique titles, descriptions and keyword tags on paginated pages 
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