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Funny to think about all those old implementations of rel="canonical" and so on, huh?  

"...Google is considering giving a boost in its search-engine results to websites that use encryption..." says the +The Wall Street Journal  citing recent +Matt Cutts statements. 

#SEO #JobSecurity
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Ah, I see.
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What sort of content does it take to acquire links naturally?  Incredibly USEFUL reporting  like this! 
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Scott Hendison

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I find it Interesting and a bit unsettling that +Christoph C. Cemper  and +Link Detox are marking these sites as a Deadly Risk - 

I know that you're not supposed to blindly trust any tool, and you should always check the output, but this is seriously out of whack, is it not?

Anyone else consider those listings deadly?
Yeah, probably not...
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Scott Hendison

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I was referring a local business owner to some reading material, and we saw that link at the very top to "Googles "Search Engine Optimization Guide"  goes to a .pdf with a copyright of 2010 on bottom.  

That's ok though, because what's "recommended"  by Google hasn't changed.  The way Google works is what's changed, so now better matches the old advice... 
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I moderate a private Google+ community  -

Someone made a post into the wrong category and we need to move it, but it looks like it's not possible anymore?  

When I go to "step two" outlined in this apparently outdated link below, the message box now just rotates and shows other related public G+ info -

In this particular case, we created a screencast video for made franchise owners showing them how to create Google Adwords "conversions" from Google Analytics goals.  The post was put up in one category, (Adwords) but we prefer to move it to another  (Analytics) since the video starts with  them creating goals in Analytics. 

It seems that the only way to do that is to either delete the original post or post a duplicate, and if we add a dup, we even have to upload the video a second time, which seems crazy.    

Is it no longer possible to move a post from one category to another, or perhaps simply post it in TWO categories?  

Thanks in advance for of any help...
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Peggy K
+Scott Hendison I've been there and done that :) It never hurts to ask!
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Is there a tool that tracks historical Google page rank (from a site's very beginning)? 

We've all told clients (correctly) that TBPR (toolbar page rank) is BS anyway, and just a "snapshot of a long outdated moment in Googles history"  -  

Google is telling us as much by not even offering to show PR for Chrome, but I still think the history tool would be valuable for getting a domain out of Google's shithouse ;) 

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Scott Hendison

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Sharon, my "local Google specialist..." just automatically cold-called me again - we hate that woman...
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She calls at least once a week... Sounds like a recorded message... Only picks up if you engage... Wonder how many businesses fall into the trap? Should report her to Google? 
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Scott Hendison

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Week 5 or so with +FreshBooks  and my wife and I both love it.  Invoicing, scheduled invoicing, users can pay online with their choice, cc (using my company or with my Paypal.  

Your customers can (if you choose) have account logins to manage their billing sign up for recurring invoicing, etc.
easy to figure out too.
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Perfect. Happy Tuesday. Every single site that we've developed for the past 5 years that uses SSL  is using OpenSSL,  so therefore they are vulnerable.  Got it. If you need me, I'll be hiding under a rock... 
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Good news - it's a server level issue to be fixed by the host - hooray! 
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Scott Hendison

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SEMalt irritates me,  screwing with the statistics of our smaller client sites, but what must they have done to this guy?

 Look in the header of his website - he changed it to read  "F*** You, SEMalt"! 
Update: 12/03/2014: Since this post was aired, "S" (I will not mention their name, just like in Harry potter!) seem to think it's ok to refer folks to this post to allay fears about them. I can ass...
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Glad to know it's not just me who's been annoyed by seeing them in my web analytics.
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I'm from Portland Oregon, and I've been marketing online for nearly a dozen years; since before the turn of the century. I'm a father, husband, SEO Consultant, affiliate marketer. I'm the CEO of Search Commander, Inc. and the creator of SEO Automatic, some white label WordPress plugins.
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    CEO, 2004 - present
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Father, husband, and internet marketing veteran.
I began learning about search marketing before the turn of the century, and today I run an independent SEO consulting business in Portland, a web hosting company, a WordPress website business, and  I have developed a set of white label SEO tools for WordPress.

(These text links are here because it used to be what was done in the old days, and I can't bring myself to remove em ;)

1999 - I first began dabbling in search while trying to get rid of over 4000 software titles we had accumulated at my local Portland computer & software store (Cyber Exchange) which we closed in 2002. 

2002 - 2004 - With success at both PPC and organic ranking, I remained in the computer repair business on call,  but quickly realized that I MUCH preferred working in search. 

After forming Search Commander, Inc.,  I sought out formal training from Search Engine Workshops, and I have been attending, learning, and speaking at various internet marketing conferences ever since. 

2009  - I developed SEO Automatic, an instant "on page" URL checker that not only identified the issues, but provided my own advice, that I wrote.

The following year, we made that same tool available to other search firms as a WordPress plugin, editing their own advice, in both a  free version with 5 ranking factors at, and a premium version with 18 and more coming at SEO Automatic

The SEO Tools plugin gives  the SEO Consultant the ability to to offer their visitors a URL box and button as a shortcode.  

Pressing the button delivers a lengthy "on page" SEO analysis, giving your own feedback, advice and suggestions. 

2012 -  I can be reached almost anywhere, from Search Commander, Inc., to Twitter as @shendison 

Bragging rights
I'm a recovering affiliate marketer put out of business by Penguin, but it was a fun ride while it lasted... ;)
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Great service, but so-so food and overpriced too. We had the "blackened" halibut that was neither blackened nor seasoned much? deep fried prawns that were good, but were cooked in oil that needed a change, and prime rib that was "okay" but a bit overdone for the med rare order. The carrot soup was not hot but delicious, and the clam chowder was amazing (and hot too). We came here after seeing it on Diners Driveins and Dives but were disappointed to find that the featured sloppy joe burger was a "lunch only" item. Duh. Good marketing... All in all, not terrible but probably wont be back unless its lunchtime to try the famous sloppy joe...
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We had a terrible experience here for dinner with burned food, watery "cream of" mushroom soup, the thinnest shakes i've ever seen, and my wife's meal was completely forgotten. When they did make her meal, serving it after the rest of the table finished, it was the wrong item! They didn't even offer an apology,and the response was "sometimes things happen". Absolutely awful, and I'll never eat there again.
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Excellent Cuban food and great drinks keep us coming back here over and over.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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I've been referring people to Steve Karm for over 10 years now, after closing our retail computer store (Cyber exchange) in 2002. He's patient, thorough, and really knows his stuff, and to this day he still services the offices of some marketing clients that I work with... Three thumbs up!
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"Can you guys get me in a tux in three hours?" was my question on the phone, and "where are you staying?" was the answer. From the time of my phone call to the time he arrived at the door was about 35 minutes, and he measured me and had the tux back to my room about an hour later. Amazing! Everything fit perfectly, but just in case, he sent an extra pair of pants and an extra jacket. They even threw in two types of tie because I wasn't quite sure which I wanted when he asked. Great service - HIGHLY recommended!
• • •
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Excellent gumbo, (not that I know my gumbo), and the shrimp po boy was pretty good, but the shrimp tasted like they had been frozen a while. good service though and close to my hotel so I might be back to try the Cajun Philly that the guy next to me ordered
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cheap movies and beer - what's not to love? (aside from the notorious McMennamins sucky service, that is...)
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