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If you are looking for a group to really help your channel grow join this one!
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Scott Hartley

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If you all remember a while back I posted about creating a YouTube Subnetwork. I looked at most websites and everyone has a forum and thats about it.... I decided to take it a step further if you would lol.

This is still a beta and its a bunch of random information generated to test the features but let me break down everything I am planning on adding.

Events, Groups, Forums, a Wiki, File Sharing (For free stuff I giveaway) a blog, live chat, a shop (with affiliate items of software and hardware I recommend for streaming and gamers).

The blog will show all of our latest posts and such.
Giveaways will be added as more of a backend control thing and will only be on the website as a blogpost or a page.

The design is elegant, it allows for a lot. I am testing live chatting features with video calling, and I am looking to integrate chat programs such as TS/Vent/Mumble/ or Raidcall.

This design is 100% responsive meaning it looks and works beautifully on any mobile device.

The wiki will contain all sorts of content only for those apart of the network. Meaning only you will gain the advantage or upper hand. 

Want to chit chat about games our forum makes it super easy. Instead of only showing the forums we show them as well as the recent topics so you can quickly engage with your fellow community members. 

Wishing you had a profile that could promote your channel and not just you? We have a system that will show your social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more to users. 

Want to see if we have any events planned? Or want to create your own? We got that. We allow users to create events in order to play with other community members. Or you can do what every other network offers.. A forum post and hope someone remembers.

Our members page makes it easy to find people to talk to. Images and names of community members become easily noticeable not like where its all uglified? (thats a word now).

Infact if you want to find an administrator quickly to message them a problem we let you do that.

Want to find someone in your own region. We allow users to add their location to their profile and then on a map it displays them. Meaning, if you are in France and want to play with other people from the same country you can find them easily.

What makes this different. 
1. Only registered members can actually access the content. Meaning you are special in what you get. 
2. Better community features than ANY other network website hands down and I am looking for someone to challenge me lol.
3. Overall sexiness lol XD

Planned features.
- Blogs for users or groups or both.
- Media Gallery for images+videos so you can showcase your videos to everyone.
- Facebook + Google Plus Registration (I am looking into it)
- Optimization and fixing
- Looking at implementing an auto post for certain types of content such as your videos to social media. (I have to figure out a good way to filter only that content but the base foundation to do it is already there lol). 
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Scott Hartley

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I have turned registration on for everyone, if you are a gamer and want to join (and create a group/forum for your channel) you are now able to do that with my latest changes! Signup with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account today!

If you have a channel and you create a group members can follow you in that group where you can post updates about your channel, link to your latest videos and more! You can also create a forum specific to your group/channel where users can talk all about you with their friends. (essentially you get a free forum and a group for your channel) that you can link to from your main channel to get your users talking.
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Scott Hartley

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Check out...
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Scott Hartley

commented on a post on Blogger.
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It is quite concerning to see the most recent post in about a year is just a way to change the blog URL. This was never a difficult thing to begin with... Furthermore, I think that there needs to be more updates and communication from the Blogger team. There are many things that could or should be improved from the platform not only from a performance standpoint, but just in overall functionality.

 Any blogger site that is run through GTMetrix you will find many issues such as the caching of images, widget files, expires headers are out the window and a lot more....

Furthermore, there is not a whole lot of functionality that can put this on par with something like WordPress.. There needs to be a much better "widget store" or something where the widgets are organized. As it stands it is nothing more than an eyesore, with poorly made widgets, and ones that are no longer supported. There should be something like the WordPress repository for Widgets AND themes. 

There is just a lot of progress that needs to be made with this platform, even Tumblr is making strives be a better CMS (some would argue its not a CMS but the same can be said for Blogger). Nice update since it makes things easier for new users, but there is still much to be done in my opinion. 

This is also not my first time giving suggestions, I did get a response on the product forums, but it has been 2 years since then and there has been minimal progress. 
You invest a lot of time in your blog, making sure it fits your personal brand and style. And a big part of making it your own comes from what you call it and where it lives. Blogger has long let you host your blog on a custo...
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Scott Hartley

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Ninja Saga is an extremely popular Facebook game where you get to create a ninja that feels like it exists from the Naruto Universe.
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Scott Hartley

commented on a video on YouTube.
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To be fair, preventing a DDOS attack is not that simple... Let's use the lizard squad example.

Lizard squad finds the IP of a server and sends let's say 10,000 simultaneous requests. They then do it a 5 minute interval. There are few ways to prevent this in most cases what happens is they offset the requests to another server. So they reroute all the traffic to another server/network. The issue is the amount of traffic that Lizard Squad was sending.

To offset the traffic in such a short amount of time would be inconceivable. Now let's say they tried filtering the IPs... Lizard Squad was probably intelligent enough to have a non-static IP during the attacks. 

Annoying yes.. Preventable depends... Right or wrong? up to you to decide. 

Scott Hartley

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If you are looking to collaborate and grow your YouTube channel try this group!

Different members than what we have here it can be beneficial for a 1 on 1 basis.
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Scott Hartley

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If you are looking to join another community where there is more engaging conversations to help you promote your channel check this one out.
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Scott Hartley

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Calling all gaming Youtubers. I had a small trial with another member on here and the system works! I have implemented registration with social media accounts as well. 

If you are looking to promote your gaming related content on my website, sign up here...

After you have registered, let me know and I will promote you to a contributor so you can start submitting your video related posts to the website. 

I recommend watching my video here

To get started to maximise your online presence!

Future Improvements
- More speed.
- Better looking profiles/forums/general appearance.
- Easier way for you to add your video content.
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If you are looking to join please message me as the registration was temporarily disabled. I can create you an account easily with just your email.
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Scott Hartley

commented on a channel on YouTube.
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Scott Hartley

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What is the general consensus on this?
Atheists have written their own version of the ten commandments. The commandments were chosen from submissions to the Atheist Mind Humanist Heart's Re-Thin
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I was here ~~~
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Atheists have written their own version of the ten commandments. The commandments were chosen from submissions to the Atheist Mind Humanist

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