#Lexember, Day 2
netuhm /ˈne.təm/ - noun, shadow word class - an unavoidable burden, an unpleasant duty, such as persistent illness, a particularly irksome chore, or an annoying relative

Rhetorical Alchemy:
vokschezjalihs /voks.ˈʧez.ʣa.lɪs/ "He/She usually binds them with arcane methods"
vo                   - ks                           - sent         -  jalihs
3RD.ANI.NOM - 3RD.INAN.PLU.ACC - bind.HAB -  using.arcane.methods
The habitual aspect is indicated by inducing coagulation in the root (sent > chezt). The t is elided because of the j at the beginning of the next syllable.
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