#Lexember  Day 6

luamixi /lu.a.ˈmi.xi/ - v.t. - to give birth to (literally to give-breath)

Rhetorical Alchemy:
vomehvehkonehsihooale /vo.mɛ.vɛ.ˈkon.ɛ.si.ˌhu.a.le/ - "She gives birth" (literally "S/he progeny-causes") 
vo - mehveh - konehsi - hooale
3RD.ANI.NOM - INDEF.ANI.ACC - progeny - cause
The first prefix (the subject agreement) is gender non-specific but animate. The object marking is a special case due to semantics. Causatives usually produce intransitives. However, the subject is a person (sapient animate), which implies that she gives birth to another person. Since the patient is a person, the second prefix has to be overtly marked. However, the patient isn't specified in the sentence or in the discourse, so an indefinite animate object marker is used since there must be some sort of marking there.
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