#lexember  day 7 (little late again...)

amini /ˈa.mi.ni/ - n.c - air word class - face (body part), the front of an object. Also, the side of something that you see most easily

Rhetorical Alchemy:
rihf wauripihf /ɹɪf waʊ.ˈɹɪ.pɪf/
rihf wau-ripihf
research TOP.ACC-protect
Protect the research!

Okay, so it's two words... but hey. So, there is a lot going on here. First is that the noun, rihf "research" is in the topic position. RA is usually verb-first with arguments to the verb following. However, RA is also somewhat topic-prominent and the topic position is before the verb. Topics are not marked themselves. However, the verb is marked for the sentence role of the topic. wau- means that the topic is the object of the noun (accusative since RA is a nominative-accusative language). Also, normally the verb should be marked for the subject as well. But in imperatives, the subject marking is dropped. With an explicit topic like this, it would probably be more accurately translated as "The research! Protect it", accompanied by pointing and lots of jumping up and down in panic.
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