I'm behind on #lexember  , so here is me, catching up...

Day 11
orekis /o.ˈre.kis/ - n.c. - fire word class - an unfulfilled need, a hunger, an unrequited love

Rhetorical Alchemy: 
chehkooxihv /ˈʧɛk.u.xɪv/ "Kill it with fire!"

This is another imperative word. No object is specified but is implied. The suffix ooxihv means to accomplish the action by burning. It's original use was in describing alchemical/technomagical processes, but the metaphorical extension is easily understandable.

Day 12
xosishim /xo.ˈsi.ʃim/ - noun - fire word class - a sensation or act that is both pleasurable and painful. Examples are the burn of a good whiskey, stretching out tired or cramped muscles, and certain sexual situations. Used to describe the sensation and the source of such a sensation. Literally "watery-fire"

Rhetorical Alchemy:
prinst /prɪnst/ - noun - a cup, open container used for holding liquid, but not liquid for drinking, such as a beaker, test tube, or laboratory flask.
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