Here is my first #lexember  entry. I am doing words for two languages: Sinnish (a personal language), and Asuran Rhetorical Alchemy (a language I am making for the Asuran people from   #guildwars2 ).

So, first my Sinnish word:

bataselo /ba.ta.ˈseː.lo/ - transitive verb, air word class - to decorate (lit. to star-hang, to hang up stars), to accessorize (i.e. put on jewelry or such to improve one's appearance - would not be used for make-up or actual clothing, however). The object is marked in the oblique case.
pibin ubataselo u
house-OBL 1ST-decorate PROG
I am decorating the house.

Next, Asuran Rhetorical Alchemy (RA for short). RA is polysynthetic, so my words may often be translated as phrases. 

jehnbookanaiyato /ʤɛn.ˈbu.ka.ˌ _jehn-booka-naiya-to_
1ST.INTR - booka - experiment.upon -
I want to experiment on the booka.

Note: A booka is an imaginary creature from Asuran legend, described as large, loud, bellowing, and stupid. In modern usage, it refers to non-Asurans, especially humans.
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