#lexember  Day 8

kotse /ˈkot.se/ - v.t. - water word class - to meet, to know a person

Usually, when meaning 'to know a person', kotse is used in the perfective: 'war ukotseyu' could be translated as "I know you", "I met you", or "I have met you", depending on the context

Rhetorical Alchemy:
woin /wɔin/ - noun - a person, a sapient, used for individuals of intelligent races.

Rarely used for the more aggressive and 'monstrous' races (e.g. krait) and Dragon-corrupted people, even if they retain their sapience (like some Risen and Icebrood do). Races that an Asura would refer to as 'bookah' would fall under this term, though a bigoted Asura might not use this term to refer to the more pastoral races, such as centaurs, grawl, skritt, quaggans, etc. 
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