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This has been happening the last few nightlies on my d2att. This happened when I received a Facebook message. It would flash from this to the Facebook Messenger screen with my messages. Very odd.
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Known issue. It's being worked on.
It's an issue on every Qualcomm device running 4.2, including the stock ROMs for Nexus 4 and Galaxy S4.
Turn on disable able hardware overlays
I'm trying to get help from Qualcomm on the issue since it's fairly nasty. IOMMU is a bandaid but breaks things on devices like D2.
If you go to Developer Options in your system settings and check "Disable HW Overlays" This should correct your issues. 
+Steve Kondik apparently this has been worked around. I msg'd you on irc about it, definitely needs some major testing.
Same thing happened to my girlfriends s3, glad a fix is coming soon! 
it happened in other applications opening? if not use root explorer to delete facebook.apk,then install the newest app;otherwise you can flash your phone immediately.
tips: putting  your device to refrigerator is a good idea:)  it can change  LCD array
Ah btw, if refridgerator does not work, i recommend to try to change LCD array in the other direction by putting your phone in the microwave oven.
turning off the stupid fb chathead should fix it?
From the looks of it, you need go wiggle the rabbit ears.  That'll fix it.
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