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More of a hack than a hacker...
More of a hack than a hacker...

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Seriously, help this guy out. He's one of the good-guys. 

Remind me to promptly put on ignore (in all media) any tech journalist that tries to tell me that the Roku UI is vastly superior to the "tired, old UI" of the AppleTV. Any journalist that says or writes that needs to have all their work scrutinized...yes, it's that bad.

I tried the Roku 3 again today and it's just atrocious. That's not to say the AppleTV isn't without problems, but the UI is fine...and much better than the Roku. 

Okay, there's time for a line-up change over at +TWiT  We all know how much +Leo Laporte loves Android. And that's fine. But when he and +Andy Ihnatko spend an entire segment of _Mac_break Weekly on how great the Galaxy Note 4 is, it's time he align the things he likes with the shows on his network. 

While it's fine to be critical of things, it's obvious he doesn't like iOS nor the iOS devices. Every show he's on, he'll rail on how bad iOS 8 is, or how he doesn't use the iPad or the iPhone...and again, that's perfectly fine. But why host shows centered on those devices then? Wouldn't he be better suited over on +All About Android? I would LOVE to hear his take on that show. His app picks. His detailed day-to-day uses of Android. 

If he drops iPad Today, he could find the time to do All About Android. Just a thought. But seriously, an entire segment on how great the Galaxy Note 4 is? On Macbreak Weekly? Dunno...

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When I was out this morning...

+Jeff Jarvis I heard you use several times on the recent TWiG "Get a life" about people that play video games and those that watch them on Twich. Why do I cringe when I hear someone, anyone, use "get a life" when talking about others? Why can't we just let people like what they want to like?

What do you do in your leisure time, for instance. I mean, take what you like to do, then imagine someone going "get a life" to you. Yes? When I was younger, I would read all the the point I actually had people going "get a life!" For reading. Why are we so quick to pass judgement on others, thinking that what we do is right, and what they do is wrong or a waste of time? 

Anyway, still love listening to you. 

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You know Google, it's shit like this that makes it very hard to defend you. Yes, +Larry Page and +Sergey Brin. I'm looking at you two. 

+Leo Laporte +Lisa Kentzell hey, what happened to +Shannon Morse hosting BYB? Was that ever explained? Please don't go the way of old Radio stations where they just replace people without explanations. I mean, before the Internet, I'd be listening to some radio show, then the next monday some other host would be there....with no explanations. I hated that. 

There's too many shake-ups over there. You guys need to get a handle on that. 

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Sure, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver copies The Daily Show & The Colbert Report's format. But it's soo good!

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We're part of the walking dead, yo.
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