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This article outlines some interesting figures regarding the Timeline updates rolling out on Facebook. Of particular interest to me is the section on "REACH GENERATOR". Here TechCrunch talks about how PREMIUM advertisers on Facebook can pay to reach up to 75% of the users that "like" their page.

I find it astounding that a year and a half ago Facebook implemented Edgerank in order to "optimize" user experience, which essentially made it so that users could not see all of the updates from their network.

As a marketer on Facebook you work diligently to gain a following, hosting contest, embedding Facebook buttons and script on your website, printing fliers, and even paying to advertise on Facebook. Having then, all of that audience essentially removed from your brand is a huge hit. This TechCrunch article reveals that most page updates never see more than about 16% of their users in a month. Now Pages have the option of paying a premium to have Facebook increase those impressions to up to 75% a month and 50% a week.

What are your thoughts? We invest heavily in Facebook, in time, staff, and in advertising. Facebook hides our posts from our own audience. Facebook then charges you to extend your reach within the audience whose attention you worked so diligently to earn.
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