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Scott Dylan

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Does anyone else use
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Yes I do... - Great tool :)
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Scott Dylan

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Scott Dylan

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Ultra cool video Gary, congrats and good luck with your new venture :)
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I'm looking for #networking events in #london, any #recommendations?
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Scott Dylan

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You need to be a genius apparently....
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What did #Museums in the #UK and #Europe get up to for #MuseumWeek 2014? Heres a quick round-up!
Scott Dylan summarises #MuseumWeek, the inaugural Twitter event that took place from 24-30 March.
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Scott Dylan

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Loving +Harvest for time tracking! Try it out yourself and save $10 off your first month:
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Digital Marketing Consultant
Digital Marketing, Marketing, Google Analytics, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation, Marketing Strategies, Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
    Digital Marketing Consultant, 2013 - present
    Areas covered: Strategic consulting, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Brand Development, App Marketing, Advertising Strategy and Deployment, Authority and Reputation Management, Analytics, insight and reporting, Offline Consultancy Whether your a business, brand or agency I'll help you get more from your Digital Marketing or help you develop your overall Digital Strategy. Brand experience with: ABN Amro, Carphone Warehouse, Early Learning Centre, Office of Government Commerce, Virgin Money, Transport for London, SimplyBe, Caldesene, Bank of England, Alliance and Leicester, British Airways, Deutsche Bank, The Really Useful Group, Ultimate Hair and Beauty, Disney, Diesel, British Gas, Microsoft and the NHS.
  • HootSuite Media, Inc.
    Community Ambassador for UK, 2014 - 2014
    As UK Ambassador for HootSuite Media Inc, my responsibilities include: * Advocate on behalf of the HootSuite brand * Amplify HootSuite messages to HootSuites existing networks * Provide feedback on HootSuites product and regional insight * Create a stronger presence for HootSuite regionally through participation in events and online advocacy * Organising and hosting HootSuite events (HootUps) around the UK
  • Octopus Investments Ltd.
    Head of Digital & Content (Interim), 2013 - 2014
    My role involved project leading a complete overhaul of the company’s website, a crucial element of the business which touches and affects every person within the organisation as well as external stakeholders such as Financial Advisers and Investors. The website was an essential asset to the company, and the overhaul required not only intensive stakeholder management, but the navigation of many financial regulatory and compliance obstacles. As the first employee whose main focus was the digital sphere, I was also tasked with introducing a real digital strategy to the company, which required gaining the confidence and buy-in from the board, senior management and department heads. This task also came with the aforementioned financial regulatory and compliance obstacles, and in a sector that hasn’t fully embraced digital or social media, defined regulations were not always available. This led to intense research on my part in order to understand the regulatory minefield and ensure that the digital strategy remained compliant. Main responsibilities:- - I was given overall responsibility for introducing a digital strategy to the company, which included working on online presence, digital marketing, and driving forwards a program which would continuously improve the experience of all customers when they engaged with the investment company online. - Working closely alongside product marketing managers in order to deliver certain online elements of marketing campaigns. - Driving significant change across the business and growing the company’s online reputation by creating, owning and introducing a comprehensive strategy for their social media accounts. - Continually making improvements to the company website, with a focus on delivering a market-beating customer experience that would stave off competition and offer premium results for both new and existing clients.
  • Worldwide Music Company
    Global Marketing Director, 2013 - 2014
    - Built crucial agency relationships that were divisive in shaping the company’s future. - Managed these relationships to ensure on time delivery of both internal and external deadlines. - Created short term and long term marketing strategies to drive customer sign ups. One of the key areas the company was missing out on was focusing on retargeting existing customers to capitalise on repeat sales. By shifting focus from solely seeking new customers, over to a balance that included ensuring existing ones were happy, and therefore increasing sales. - Analysed the overall output of the company and put procedures in place to streamline processes and increase productivity. - Overhauled and put in place a Customer first strategy. Tickets were being missed, with a lot of angry customers online talking about the company. By Introducing a online support ticketing system this allowed the company to keep track of all customer issues and deal with them effectively and efficiently. By using this system and through strong management of the customer services department, the average response time to tickets reduced to 2 hours from what was once 7 days, tickets were no longer being missed and customer perception online turned from negative to positive. - Implemented new, effective methodologies throughout the company globally with a top-down approach. - Brought global offices together to achieve a unified vision through shared and individual targets. - Liaised with managers in all offices to keep up to date with team progress and how new procedures were rolling out. - Overhauled internal HR department to create an efficient working department. - Set targets for all major employees within the company. - Internal stakeholder management was essential to gain company wide buy in and move the company forwards. - Introduced and enforced brand guidelines and oversaw a new brand rollout. This was to ensure a consistent, professional public image.
  • LinkedIn
    Community Manager, 2012 - 2013
    • Proactively keep the group running, and encouraging engagement within the group online • Moderating up to 1500 discussion posts per week that are posted from 626,000 active members, to ensure the smooth running and positive public image of the group. • I have a personal recommendation from the founder of the group: “Scott is one of our more active moderators on the Social Media Marketing group on LinkedIn. He is very savvy in social media overall and has contributed substantially to the focus and execution of our strategy. He is articulate, very well educated, a dedicated worker and passionate about all aspects of social media.”
  • Top 100 Agency
    Head of Digital & Managing Director, 2006 - 2013
    • Due to my hard work, skill and dedication, my agency built up on the RAR Top 100 Agencies 2012. • My biggest passion is driving end results. I have the knowledge and skills to drive a team to success, but am equally as skilled at achieving those results myself when required. • I secured work from and worked on projects with brands such as Caldesene (large Irish brand) and Simply Be. • For business development, I constructed and presented pitches to secure new accounts and projects for a variety of clients for the company. • Produced online campaigns for social media clients from concept through to execution. • Mapped out online digital campaigns that span over 12 months to incorporate key client events, while proactively seeking out more events and content to push through different digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, and others. • By understanding the social media life cycle, ensuring a constantly refreshed and updated stream of information not only captured a larger audience on social media channel, but ensured the attention was retained with repeat visits. • Listening to customers, proactively reacting to customer comments 24/7 and feeding sanitised data back to the client was an important part of the monthly social media process. This process broke down the barrier of the technical side and made talking to the clients about results much clearer and easier, allowing them to stay in touch with campaign progress. • Developed multichannel marketing campaigns to drive traffic to both websites and achieve high volume mobile app downloads. • Marketing clients through SEO and PPC was also key. Finding a good mix between the two to improve enquiries and revenue but minimise costs as much as possible was crucial to optimising ROI. • Produced large scale outdoor campaigns, and overcame any hurdles associated with these. • As Managing Director, my role also encompassed various roles such as maintaining the company budget and staff management. Time management throughout the day was incredibly important to make sure all tasks were completed without neglect.
  • Microsoft
    Network Security & Encryption Consultant, 2005 - 2006
    • My role within Microsoft was to develop a new encryption platform for their current network. I developed a new secure network structure which I then implemented throughout the organisation, on top of their current setup.
  • Ministry of Defence
    Senior Developer, 2005 - 2005
    Whilst at the M.O.D I was charged with the development and deployment of a new encryption and security based technology.
  • Really Useful Group Ltd.
    Lead Technical Developer, 2004 - 2005
    • Whilst with The Really Useful Group, I redesigned and developed their main website ‘’ along with one of its production sites ‘’. The key focus here was to restructure and reorganise the website, as their old website was very messy and unprofessional. • Skills Used: ASP.NET, VB.NET, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash and SQL
  • Deutsche Bank
    Senior Developer, 2004 - 2004
    • Whilst with Deutsche Bank, I redeveloped their ‘Techmart’ system (part of their internal asset management systems). During this redevelopment I migrated their underlying databases from MySQL to Oracle, and rewrote the entire project with Coldfusion. • Skills Used: PHP, Oracle, Coldfusion, and Java
  • Carphone Warehouse
    Graphic Designer & Developer, 2004 - 2004
    • Whilst with Tarantula I designed and developed an E-Learning system for Virgin. This tool is used by employees of Carphone Warehouse as a tool to build knowledge about the Virgin Mobile Brand, Tarrif and Phones. The E-Learning system includes a testing centre which I also created. • Skills Used: PHP, HTML, MySQL and Javascript
  • Cable & Wireless Communications
    Lead Developer, 2004 - 2004
    • Whilst with Cable and Wireless I developed the Criminal Justice Secure Mail Network. Part of this role included creating new features such as ‘auto configuration’ files for mail applications, fixing bugs within the system and stress testing. I also had to make configuration changes to their Mirapoint Servers. • Another key task I completed was to create a file management system and a content management system. This allowed administrators to easily edit files on the system, and administer who could access different areas. All the code I created here was compliant with W3C standards. • Skills Used: Javascript, PHP, XML, MySQL and HTML, SQL, C# ADO and VB.NET • Knowledge Gained: Disability Discrimination Act
  • Message Transfer Limited
    Technical Manager, 2003 - 2004
    • While at MTL I produced a number of content management system (CMS) based websites. • For each development, the full project lifecycle was observed (needs analysis, visual design, technical implementation, project management, delivery and support). • I also developed an application which connected to ships at sea via satalite to grab data and bring it back to the data centre. This application then sorted the data into different formats for different platforms and sent it around the globe as and when needed. • Part of my role at MTL was to fulfill a requirement to create addons to packages such as Sage and Quickbooks so that certain data could be posted to these. • Skills Used: PHP, MySQL, ASP, SQL, ADO.NET & VB.NET, Oracle, Java, XML, C#, and C++.
  • Alchemy Digital Marketing & Communications
    Technical Developer, 2003 - 2003
    • Contributed to a diverse range of websites including a number of large content-managed sites. • I used Websphere/Weblogic for various e-commerce and portal projects. I was responsible for visual and behind the scenes code, database/component design and implementation, and took an active interest in usability testing. • Successful projects included: o An e-mail marketing tool offering online HTML e-mail composition, subscriber group management and campaign reporting o A flexible, modular content management system built around PHP, MySQL, XML and Smarty Templates (for caching) o A recruitment application in ASP .NET o A multilingual content-managed site for GE Capital built around PHP with an Oracle 8i database. • I also used Websphere Commerce Suite / Websphere Commerce Portal and Websphere Portal Server on the British Telecommunications Portal alongside Oracle DB. • Skills Used: PHP, MySQL, XML, Smarty Templates, ASP.NET, Websphere Commerce Suite / Websphere Commerce Portal, Websphere Commerce Portal Server, Oracle
  • Datasouth UK
    Web Developer, 2002 - 2003
    • Responsible for the rapid delivery of PHP and MySQL based content-managed websites. I proposed and implemented solutions for a range of clients including: o Wired Wessex (a popular Business Forum) with a business contact database and a booking and information system for events, o A large content-managed site for the Salisbury Diocese Board of Education. • I worked as part of a small team, and my responsibility was to deliver fully featured sites within short timeframes. Many of these projects used Websphere Commerce / Portal and Translation Server. • Skills Used: PHP, MySQL, Websphere Commerce, Websphere Portal, Websphere Translation Server
  • Limited
    Technical Developer, 2000 - 2002
    • My role as developer gave me an active involvement in all aspects of web-application development, from design and scoping to deployment and support while specialising in project implementation. • I gained experience of a range of development methodologies and excelled as part of the development team, responsible for the successful delivery of several high-profile projects including: o An ASP-based property investment management system o An Enterprise-Java driven discussion forum o A unique XML and XSL based website for the Alliance & Leicester, called • I provided ColdFusion development to drive a mobile location based service offered by Swiss mobile operator: “diAx”. • Skills Used: ASP, XML, XSL, HTML, Java and Coldfusion
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Manchester - Dublin - Seattle - Spain - France
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Scott Dylan - Digital Marketing Consultant, Head of Digital, Global Marketing Director, HootSuiteCommunity Ambassador for UK in Manchester and London

Scott Dylan currently has two roles, for an investment company on an interim basis he is currently employed as Head of Digital and Content which is based in London, and for a worldwide music company and record label he is the Global Marketing Director.

Known to also take on some consultancy work as a digital marketing consultant Scott Dylan can also be found working with a number of major brands and agencies helping develop their digital and innovation strategies.

His career has taken him from working with some leading brands across the globe through to being the co-founder of a Top 100 Agency in the UK.

Scott Dylan can be found working across the globe but is primarily based in London and Manchester.

Scott Dylan is also HootSuite Community Ambassador for UK

To find out more about Scott Dylan visit his website at or even follow him on Twitter.
Bragging rights
Founded a Top 100 Agency in the United Kingdom, HootSuite Community Ambassador for UK
  • John Roan School
    GCSE, 1995 - 2000
    10 GCSEs A-C
  • The Manchester College
    A-Levels, 2000 - 2002
    Psychology (A*), Information Technology (A), Law (B)
  • University of Manchester
    BSc (Hons) Computer Science
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Contributor to
I've read all the 5 star reviews, and appreciate that my review may stand out. But I feel after a huge number of stays my review will truly reflect this hotel. I am a huge fan of the Premier Inn brand, I stay in premier inn hotels all over the country every week for minimum of 3 nights each time but it has its very obvious ups and downs: Goods: - Good Night Guarantee - Beds are very comfortable - Rooms are clean and very well maintained - Staff are extremely friendly and well trained one of the reasons I always come back. The operations manager has always made a point of coming over to me asking how I am and shaking my hand when he see's me which is appreciated. - Checkin process is seemless, beats competitors. - Food is nice, not perfect but its what I would expect for this standard of hotel. Bads: - Good Night Guarantee - Premier Inn don't like it if you claim, if you claim more than 3 times or more you'll get a 8am call from a GM/Ops Manager asking if the brand is really for you. Out of over 150 nights i've only claimed a few times (1 x Bad Smell - couldn't move rooms as they were full, 1x Air con making loud noises all night 2 x Loud Noise from Parties of people and 6am kids running up and down the corridor) but the guarantee is supposed to be "no quibbles" but yet you get an interrogation, putting you off from complaining or claiming the guarantee in the future - which has done for a few of my nights recently as I dont want them to tell me to leave and not book through them again. - The hotel is promoted as Budget Hotel, but costs a lot more than a lot of competitors with the same standards. They've even won awards for being a Budget Hotel but doesn't sit right for me considering the price. - You cant negotiate a rate with Premier Inn without a lot of hard pushing, I had the promise of a solid 4 month booking which could extend to 8 months and even then it was a struggle to get a rate (which still isn't that great), the ops manager approached me and has reneged on this deal starting from the new year saying he wouldn't honour it any further and the staff member who gave it to me has been "spoken to" and shouldnt have given it to me, and this member of staff is is now on "maternity leave". Competitors of Premier Inn are very welcoming to negotiating long term rates. - Phones are in the Premier Inn rooms, but if you try to call the bar/restaurant to pre order for takeaway food generally this is impossible and they make you come down to the bar and then wait the 15-30mins to cook the food. - They don't offer room service. - Premier Inn doesn't have a Loyalty Program. Deals Generally the deals Premier Inn mail out via Email are for outside of London generally and aren't targeted. They have a promotion on at the moment that if you stay 3 stays or more you are entitled to a free stay, but they sneakily hide in the Terms and Conditions that you pre existing bookings don't count and lots of other dodgy type exclusions. It feels very tricky. Conclusion: Premier Inn is a great hotel brand, if you are going to stay 1-3 nights, but if you decide to stay regularly you really do start to see all the cracks show. For now it still beats Holiday Inn Express, but with all the upgrades Holiday Inn Express are undertaking i'm not sure how long Premier Inn will stand out. Other competitor hotels are just as good but the good night guarantee stands out for Premier Inn.
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****** AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID ********* ******** AVOID CHOPSTICKS RESTAURANT MANCHESTER ******** Ordered our meal from Chopsticks Restaurant, Manchester at 11:30 arrived at 01:21 Just-Eat told us that we would get a discount from Chopsticks Restaurant for it being so late. Guy arrived said he wont be giving us a discount, he called the owner at Chopsticks Restaurant and they said they didn't care and wouldn't be giving any discount. Disgraceful service! ******** AVOID CHOPSTICKS RESTAURANT MANCHESTER ******** ****** AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID *********
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