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Finally starting to release some of these from last fall. Many in this set got published, but I like so many more than the magazine printed.

Fan of my work? Please consider supporting my ability to keep making art! Even the smallest amount helps me keep this going.

Model : +Kelsey Amber 
Hair / Make-up : Jennie & Alicia
Designer : Emily Sifrit
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Oui ,on peut Tabitha ,vrai pro merci pour lui 
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Scott Detweiler

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From a recent Hollywood retro shoot we did.  Finally releasing some of these for public consumption.   #hollywoodactress   #blackandwhite  

This one features +Kellie James

If you like my work, consider becoming a patron of my art!  Even $1 helps, as it all adds up.

#allthingsblackandwhite : +All Things Monochrome curated by +Charles Lupica
#filmnoirfriday : +Film Noir Friday curated by +Thorn Button +Paul Wright +Kel Hayner
Themes provided by
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Scott Detweiler

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After Dark Education​, here I come!  See all of you soon!  This is an image of Zara posing at Union Station in St. Louis.  She is wearing a unique design Devoid created just for Shutterfest.

Model :  +Zara Ashby 
Make-Up : ​ +Dena DeMent 
Designer :  +Devoid Deveil 

Interested in seeing my Photoshop files or perhaps helping me sort images from recent shoots? Consider becoming a patron of my work! It would help me considerably and you can see a lot more of my workflow.
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Love this image!! +Zara Ashby you are gorgeous my friend!!
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Scott Detweiler

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It's all in the details.

Retro movie star shoot featuring +Kellie James and the amazing work of +Law Posselt. Looking forward to mentoring at After Dark Education this weekend and hope to see a bunch of you there!

Consider becoming a patron of my work. It would help me considerably!
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It's all in the details when the details are made fabulous! Awesome! :)
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Scott Detweiler

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Some new work out today!

This is a shot from Ohio State Reformatory where we spent the day shooting fashion on the abandoned prison. This is also the place where the movie The Shawshank Redemption was filmed.

Want a limited edition print of this work at a very low price?

Model : Liz Tron Azi
Wardrobe : Intergalactic Hobo

#inkedgirls   #tattooed   #talavan2015  
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Nice artwork
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Scott Detweiler

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Decided to start using the new collections feature to group some of my favorite subject matter.  So, here goes my collection of women with tattoos.  How much more awesome can this get? :-)
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Absolutely stunning! Great work, Scott!
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Scott Detweiler

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Some new work from the #boudoir  session +Dave Doeppel and I taught at After Dark this past weekend.  More to come for sure, and check out his page if you love pin-up style photos! #afterdark  

Great work from After Dark photographers will include +Nina Tekwani. Follow her posts to see some amazing work she captured at this event as well.

#trueportraits : +True Portraits curated by +Ray Bilcliff
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Really nice work, thanks for sharing
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Scott Detweiler

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Had an amazing time at After Dark and can't wait for the next event! It's like a dream team of creative talent. You guys rocked this!

Model : Madison 
Body Paint : Ottos Kustomz
Make-Up :  +Rachel Frank 
Styling :  +Twig Noir 

If you are a Patreon supporter, we will be reviewing images from this shoot soon to discuss lighting, post production, and anything else you want to cover.  Become a supporter here:

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+Olivia Espinoza the stylist made this from something. No idea, but it was pretty cool.
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Scott Detweiler

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After Dark Education​ starts tomorrow!  I have awesome plans for my sessions and am looking forward to a few days of intensive art.

Model : Lunariea Launders​
Body Paint / Props : Ottos Kustomz​
Location : Green Bay Fear Haunted House​

Interested in seeing my Photoshop files or perhaps helping me sort images from recent shoots? Consider becoming a patron of my work! It would help me considerably and you can see a lot more of my workflow.

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+Dave Doeppel thanks man!
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Scott Detweiler

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Some new work, and my attempt to find some folks that can help support me.
Figure Model - Rachel Lauren
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+Jeff Dostalek thanks man!
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Scott Detweiler

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I setup a Patreon account today for those who really like my work and would like to help me out.  Take a look at let me know if you think this makes sense or if you think I should have additional offerings in here.
This months limited edition print. Shot in the same abandon prison where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed, Liz wears an amazing creation from Intergalactic Hobo.
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Nice work +Scott Detweiler 
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Scott Detweiler

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+cMarie White didn't try that. :-(
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I am a self taught professional photographer living in Wisconsin, but went to school for theoretical physics.  I am addicted to science and all things related to astronomy, and still follow those subjects with ravenous interest.

I love creativity and have learned by doing and dreaming up ideas and trying to make them reality.  My niche is that of conceptual portraiture where I shoot specific themes that pop into my head and then bring them to completion through unique lighting and post production.  

The images you see in my stream are mine unless I indicate otherwise.  Please respect my copyright.

I enjoy creative ideas and looks in all of their forms.  Props, unique wardrobe, make-up, and hair all combined with a beautiful muse make my day a happy one.

If you love my work, consider becoming a patreon supporter:
I am also an avid Ingress player. I am #enlightened.
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