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I was teaching conceptual portraiture at Shutterfest when I located this chair and mattress storage room.  We had a blast in this unique space and got some very interesting images.  

For those of you attending After Dark in Madison next month, I will be mentoring a few sessions and a night of chaos.
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thank you!
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A little something from the #talavan2015 tour.  I have been traveling so much and need to get caught up on all of the photos I have taken.  This is a shot of Elizabeth​ in the violent women's ward stairwell.  I have a few of these with this creative lighting in them, and just love all the unique perspectives.

If any of you are going to After Dark Education​, I will be mentoring a few sessions  there as well as hosting a night of chaos.
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More! More! More! Just kidding, I'll be patient. +Scott Detweiler​
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Random place in Cleveland I discovered while walking in places where I probably should not have been.  Welcome to Cleveland!  Thanks to +Abe Robinson for his amazing tour.

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Scott Detweiler

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My bald head on an 8' tall poster. Lol!
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Merci ,faites de belles photos ,!différente et singulière ; bravo
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Scott Detweiler

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Here are sone amazing people to follow!
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One of the facilities I visited during my trip to various abandoned prisons and asylums was the place where Shawshank Redemption was filmed.  I believe this desk and chair are in the movie.   #TalaVan2015  
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My all time favorite movie. Lucky you for this opportunity. Great shot. 
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Scott Detweiler

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Need another Jaclyn fix this morning?  Well, here ya go!  

Go check out all of the other images on her page.  I am trying to show her how much more awesome G+ is over those other social sites. :-)

Model : +Jaclyn Baker 
Make-Up : +Sarah Clements 
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Scott Detweiler

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A huge thanks to everyone who attended ShutterFest with me last week! I made so many new friends, and met some new muses, it was the event of a lifetime and can't wait for next year. If you are attending After Dark Education in Madison next month, I will also be mentoring several sessions there.

Model : +Jaclyn Baker 
Make-Up : +Sarah Clements 
Assistant : Nikkie Krasselt
Location : St. Louis Union Station Hotel

[Breaker of Rules] 
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Her hair is like so pretty
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Scott Detweiler

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Because I was in a lot of abandoned prisons, asylums, funeral homes, and other creepy places on my last photo trip, people keep asking me if I saw any ghosts. Well, I don't believe in them, but I do have an open mind and love hearing the stories that people have from their encounters in these "heavy" places.

That being said, I did have one strange thing happen to me on my adventure. This very dusty and cordoned off room had some fresh footprint on the floor. I found several across the room, but only ones from the left foot. Remember, this room was off limits, so no one had been in there.

They were fresh, as you can see in the photo below (I indicated it with an arrow for those who can't spot it easily). I was in this room with a model and I initially thought they were hers, but she was wearing boots and had not removed them. I asked Zippy (my friend the curator of the facility) about the previous use of this room, expecting to hear it was a bedroom as it was staged, but he said it was not. However, he did mention that most of that floor was haunted by a little girl.

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I pass this farm on the way back from my studio. #wonderwife asked me to stop and get some fresh eggs for Easter, but i had to capture this scene as well. 
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Still sorting through the shots from my prison and asylum tour, but I will be taking a week off and heading to St. Louis for Shutterfest.  

I will be teaching three sessions there including advanced lighting and retouching.  Is anyone going?  I will also be posting updates to my instagram as well as posts on here for those interested in my antics. ;-)

Location : TALA
Model : Lexy

#asylum   #abandoned   #shutterfest  
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I am a self taught professional photographer living in Wisconsin, but went to school for theoretical physics.  I am addicted to science and all things related to astronomy, and still follow those subjects with ravenous interest.

I love creativity and have learned by doing and dreaming up ideas and trying to make them reality.  My niche is that of conceptual portraiture where I shoot specific themes that pop into my head and then bring them to completion through unique lighting and post production.  

The images you see in my stream are mine unless I indicate otherwise.  Please respect my copyright.

I enjoy creative ideas and looks in all of their forms.  Props, unique wardrobe, make-up, and hair all combined with a beautiful muse make my day a happy one.

During the day I own a software development company where I mainly do the usability, systems architecture, and SQL puzzles.
I am also an avid Ingress player. I am #enlightened.
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Milwaukee Magazines top fashion photographer in the 2012 Style Games.
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May not look like much, but has the best brisket sandwich in Milwaukee by far.
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Probably one of the best steak places on this side of town. Decent prices and an overall stellar experience.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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6 reviews