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I had a surprise call from a photographer that has been a huge inspiration to me, +Jaime Ibarra. We had a long and awesome conversation on so many topics.  Nice to connect with someone that has been a major motivator and inspiration to me.

Looking forward to shooting in Chicago this weekend! It is going to be epic!

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An excellent shot +Scott Detweiler !
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Scott Detweiler

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I think the intention here is that these bunny desserts would be adorable. However, to me these are treats right out of a horror film.
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Scott Detweiler

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I brought my own kind of Blue to the annual Easter egg coloring at the in-laws.
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link lady wotn 
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Have a few images coming out in a local fashion magazine this next week.  Here is a teaser from the upcoming series featuring flight attendant fashion one of the designers dreamed up.

As usual, I used to tag this image.  I built it as a personal tool to help me keep track of themes and tagging, so go ahead and use it.

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Lovely,I wish one day have one's from you,amazing job,congratulations kiss
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Today is #modelingmonday , which I curate at the start of each week.  Did you know I shoot commercial work as well as my artistic stuff?  

I don't really have a chance to post that, and not sure there would be interest anyway.  But, just an FYI if you are ever in need of a freelancer fashion photographer for a day. :-)
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A marshmallow peep perched upon a pancake. I prefer the peep once it is a bit on the hard side, but fresh Easter peeps will have to do. Happy Easter!
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wow nice
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Scott Detweiler

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Eldest daughter had a recital last week. I forgot to post the photo I took as she waited for her turn to perform. She rocked it and will be heading to state competitions again this year.
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Congratulations to you
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An older image I wandered across today in my archives.  I went looking for something and came out with this. :-)

Was from my first time working with Taylor, who turned out to be my most shot model three years later.  Who knew at the time all of the awesome art that was to come from this chance meeting.

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Beautiful pose ! +Scott Detweiler 
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Boudoir shoot over the weekend.  Lots of great images from the session, but not many that will be public.  Boudoir sessions are shoots I do from time to time, but I don't publicize the images unless the client allows it.  We get lucky today in that this young woman has no issues with it.

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Conceptual Portrait Photographer, Author, & Photoshop Dude
Photoshop & Corel Painter, Advanced Lighting, Workshops & Training
Basic Information
Looking for
Conceptual Portrait Photographer
I am a self taught professional photographer living in Wisconsin, but went to school for theoretical physics.  I am addicted to science and all things related to astronomy, and still follow those subjects with ravenous interest.

I love creativity and have learned by doing and dreaming up ideas and trying to make them reality.  My niche is that of conceptual portraiture where I shoot specific themes that pop into my head and then bring them to completion through unique lighting and post production.  

The images you see in my stream are mine unless I indicate otherwise.  Please respect my copyright.

I enjoy creative ideas and looks in all of their forms.  Props, unique wardrobe, make-up, and hair all combined with a beautiful muse make my day a happy one.

During the day I own a software development company where I mainly do the usability, systems architecture, and SQL puzzles.
I am also an avid Ingress player. I am #enlightened.
Bragging rights
Milwaukee Magazines top fashion photographer in the 2012 Style Games.
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Sussex, WI - Peoria, IL - Rock Falls, IL
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May not look like much, but has the best brisket sandwich in Milwaukee by far.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Probably one of the best steak places on this side of town. Decent prices and an overall stellar experience.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
6 reviews