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We will have some amazing art for you to shoot. If you want to come, get your tickets ASAP, as this will probably sell out fast.
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+Scott Detweiler - All okie-dokie for me now... Looks like a fun time! ;-)
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Scott Detweiler

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I have recently decided to release one of my favorite packs of textures. The collection contains 50 high-resolution metallic surfaces, most of which are curved and quite interesting. I have created a discount code you can use for the next 24 hours to get this pack at 25% off. Use the code "metal" at checkout.

Here is an image I did using one of the textures in the pack.
Model > Lauren
Make-up Artist > Law Poss
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Cool! Whole lot of different surfaces
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Scott Detweiler

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Some fashion work I shot a few months ago. Kinda forgot to post it along with the others from that shoot, so here it is. This is one of my favorite models +Stefanie Pucci wearing a dress designed by +Devoid Deveil.
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Nice click. 
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Scott Detweiler

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Had some amazing #boudoir clients lately, and this woman really kicked some ass! At nearly 60 years old, she decided that she should capture what she has now knowing she won't have it forever. This session yielded an stellar series of images.

To make our experience even better, each session includes two photographers, so you get my perspective as well as that of +Connie Westphal my studio partner.

Details on packages and rates at

There is also an instagram of some of our work I might not post here. It all depends on the client release.
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why are you being funny 
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Scott Detweiler

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We did a weird "Slender Man" type of shoot a few months back in an out-of-season haunted house. Had a ton of fun shooting and lighting these.

In this shot you can't see all of the strange people standing around her in a circle, but who cares? I loved this headshot of her, and the lighting was a challenge for the cramped space, but I think it worked out. In case you are wondering, she is indeed topless and body painted. These look so realistic that often you forget.

model > +Kellie James
body paint > +ottosair kustomz
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Nina G.
Wow..Thank you.

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Scott Detweiler

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One of those iconic images that helps shape a person, but didn't start out that way. I initially disliked this image because the model had glanced off camera. However, after working on another image that utilized these black eyes, I revisited it and it is ended up being one that is hanging on my wall today.

model > +Jane Love

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Scott Detweiler

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Another image from my Slender Man series of images I shot a few months ago. This one is again featuring the amazing paint work of Otto. Her topless form really appears to have a pretty unique outfit on, but we will keep that out little secret. :-)

These stuffed dudes were standing in a circle and looked pretty ominous, so we played with a lot of poses and storytelling.

model > Kellie
body paint > +ottosair kustomz
make-up > +thea w
hair > Lynsdey
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+Blake Zimmerman - Shouldn't say now.. the moment has passed. :-P
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Scott Detweiler

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Probably the most iconic image from our Slender Man conceptual shoot. These "people" are actually maniquens in a haunted house closed for the season. Plenty of scary rooms, but this one was one avoided by many.

I think these images are telling and I can see many getting more than a little freaked out. The model was loving the scene and we created plenty of epic shots.

In this series she is topless and body painted from the waist up. I also felt the scene looked best in a monochromatic presentation as the colors were distracting from the overall creepy feeling of the story. :-)

model > Kellie
body paint > +ottosair kustomz
make-up > +thea w
hair > Lynsdey
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+Rob Elliott thank you!
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Scott Detweiler

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Probably one of this client's favorite images from her #boudoir shoot. This one ended up as a canvas I believe.

Details on boudoir photography packages and rates at

There is also an instagram of some of our work I might not post here. It all depends on the client release.
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Scott Detweiler

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Tons of new work flooding in from some of my recent shoots, and especially on the #bodypaint side of the house.

This past weekend I shot some images that are probably some of my all time favorites, and I am hoping to get those published soon so I can share them. Sunday I am also hoping to hook up with Otto again and make something amazing, but we will see what the weekend plans bring.

This one is a teaser for another tree themed shoot, but this time we shot inside on a set. Amazing model that really played her part well, with solid posing and killer looks. Also a great canvas for body paint, which is often difficult to find these days.

model > anonymous
body paint > +ottosair kustomz
hair > Tarrah Jones
make-up > Alicia O'Donnell
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Scott Detweiler

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Some work I can finally show as it was recently published. It is hard to wait for magazines, as you can't show anyone the images, and often it takes months for the issues to be released.

This is one from my creative portrait session at Shutterfest back in April. I was teaching some of the more creative ways to light portraits. Otto painted her to be reminiscent of the wife of the Mummy, Anck-Su-Namun, so I thought some boudoir photos from this period would look rather interesting, if they had cameras back then. :-)

model > Mary
paint / accessories > Otto

BTS and other random crap on my instagram:
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+Roni Smith thank you!!!
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Scott Detweiler

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Another new image from a shoot a few weeks ago. Lots of client work recently has been slowing me down with getting the fun work completed. Seniors, boudoir, and the occasional commissioned work help pay the bills, so that comes first.

model > Stacy Monson
make-up > +thea w
hair > Lyndsey Thurston (official site) (random crap)
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I am a self taught professional photographer living in Wisconsin, but went to school for theoretical physics.  I am addicted to science and all things related to astronomy, and still follow those subjects with ravenous interest.

I love creativity and have learned by doing and dreaming up ideas and trying to make them reality.  My niche is that of conceptual portraiture where I shoot specific themes that pop into my head and then bring them to completion through unique lighting and post production.  

The images you see in my stream are mine unless I indicate otherwise.  Please respect my copyright.

I enjoy creative ideas and looks in all of their forms.  Props, unique wardrobe, make-up, and hair all combined with a beautiful muse make my day a happy one.

If you love my work, consider becoming a patreon supporter:
I am also an avid Ingress player. I am #enlightened.
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