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I went to +Walgreens to get a quote on the cost of filling a prescription. I specifically asked about the script I handed them and was given a price. More than WalMart but I'd rather do it here since I've been going there so long.
When I can to pick up said script, the price was DOUBLED. "Oh, that's the price if you have one of our Walgreens cards, would you like to buy one?" This is the second time this happened. The 1st time I wrote off as an accident, the second time is fraud.

And +Walgreens  wonders why WalMart is eating your lunch? It's not just cost, it's stupid crap like this that leaves consumers feeling ripped off. 
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Oh yes, I left them years ago over this. I looked at the tech and said why in the hell would I want to pay more? Who in their right mind volunteers to pay more, you have got to be out of your mind. She stared blankly at me as if I had spoken a foreign language to her. FYI, Osco (Savon) will pricematch with other pharmacies too, you have to be proactive and make sure you're getting the cheaper price, but they'll do it. have to purchase a Walgreens rewards card? I use CVS, and they have a care, but it is free. 
Yes, it's an discount prescription card that at last check was $20/year. That isn't bad, what's bad is they found a way to screw over customers by having a shit ton of generics when it launched, THEN they started dropping a lot of popular ones from their $4/30 day plan. Mine went from 4/30 to $28 for 30 days. Not such a bargain, I dropped them like a sack of hot shit, went across the street to Osco (Savon) and they price matched Walmart for $4/30 days.
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