Lightning Over the Neighborhood Through Rainy Bedroom Window

Overly long but quite descriptive title for this image captured in the wee hours of the morning the other night after being awakened by a storm. Almost used a Doctor Who reference (fans will understand). Used #LightningCamera app for this capture. I slept through most of the storm so only got a couple chances for a shot, plus the rain on the window was making focusing a hassle. I'm still learning how best to compensate for light/exposure especially using a cell cam and app for #lightning captures. I edited (obsessively) in #Snapseed to enhance and get the right feel. Using multi pic post to also show a #blackandwhite version, a b&w stylized HDR version, and the original (very purple and with raindrops on window) version, all of which had some appeal to me for geeky photographer and editing reasons. 😋

p.s. Lightning was so frequent and bright it charged the solar lights in the backyard for a few moments throughout the storm.

#beautyofnature #storm

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