Just after the lightning, before darkness retook the landscape.

It's a fleeting moment seen more through the memory of seeing than the actual seeing; it's quite literally milliseconds etched into your conciousness somewhat like light on film, but adding emotion to the palette. I used technology, and by far nothing I would consider high end, to try and capture some images of a lightning storm several nights ago. I edited best I could what pixels were captured to come closer to the memory; low light and less than optimum conditions only gave so much to work with, though. I find it challenging, and rewarding, to pull out something more accurate to the emotion of the moment for me than the original conveys. Sharing both the edited and the original image to you at the link. The final edit has a slight #prisma filter applied that matched the coloring and evened out the grain from low light and edits; sometimes best to run with what you have as a positive instead of negative.

#lightning #LightningCamera #landscape #storm #darkness #lowlightphotography #memory #snapseed
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