We are built in layers. If you look close enough, you can see; like the striations of a 3D printed toy, or the strata in the walls of a deep gorge. Layers upon layers of choices we make, thought out or in the moment, conscious or unconscious. Turn left or right, walking into the road and the path of an oncoming car or stumbling into the arms of a stranger who becomes your lover. Perhaps the car stops and you meet your soul mate. Perhaps the lover is the most painful collision in your life. There is an entire lifetime in every choice; a new universe born, or snuffed out in an instant. The joys and pains and triumphs and regrets of moving inexorably forward through this one life. We are all, in every instant, the sum of our joys and our pains, our triumphs and our embarrassments. Over easy or scrambled; stripes or solid; engineering or social work; one more drink or had enough. Choices beget choices. We teeter on the edge of every consequence before falling into our future. Rewind a person; dissect them; but know the pieces are filtered through eyes littered with a lifetime of choices. The night sky filled with stars is a shallow blank canvas compared to the wonder of every single person; barely existing on a universal scale but so much more complex. You see blonde and brunette and grey and bald; black and white and yellow and red. Look closer. We are the beautiful battered product of infinitesimal choices.

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