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Scott Cramer

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Canada for U.S. President!

Not overtly partisan, so posted to humor instead of politics. These guys have made some hilarious videos over the years. :-)

Thanks +Vivian Bryan​!
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/subbing to watch later
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Scott Cramer

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Woman Normalises Celebrity Instagrams

All the pics at the link are well worth the time. :-)

Thanks +byron rempel​ and +miller ramos​!
holy crap. this woman is more than a little awesome. =]

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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That's really funny!!! :D
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Scott Cramer

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its great post
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Scott Cramer

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Signal Boost - Art Sale

Own you some +Tim Clary​! Excelsior!!!

I’ve decided to sell this Elektra/Daredevil sketch cover I did last year. It’s up for auction on eBay now. Please check it out if you’re interested as I’m currently unemployed now that ski season is over and could really use the cash.

Also, if anyone is interested in an original cover commission, please feel free to contact me. I have a number of these blank covers including The Walking Dead, Star Wars and many Marvel comics.

$50 for one character, $150 for a full-on anything goes design like you see here.
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Quick Daredevil, she forgot to attach the bungee cord!
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Scott Cramer

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3 Years Ago

Ah, the strange honeymoon period of G+ days before they tweaked the platform into near oblivion! Lol +Jim Gomes​, sorry we lost touch! Somewhere in a packing box, we still have your head.

#BigHeadJim #CreepyOutaofContextSayings
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Hmm... I am going to find that box.
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Scott Cramer

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Bernie Did Meet Briefly with Pope Francis

Regardless of any Pope meeting, and some saying that going without a meeting would be a mistake, I think it was important for Bernie to accept the Vatican's invitation. The topic of a moral economy is a lifelong fight for Bernie and it made sense for him to go and speak, just as he would even without the politics of running for president. Cheers to Bernie for fighting the fight on a local and on a global stage. Cheers to the Pope's camp for inviting Bernie. Cheers to Pope Francis for even a brief meeting; navigating ideological and political waters to support a good man without mixing in other areas key to Catholic teachings where the two differ. We can all find common ground. Classy and well played by all.

Thanks +Dana Corbin​!
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+Thomas Jones hades no!
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Scott Cramer

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Food for thought on money's influence.

Think about how many "rum and Cokes" and "500% tips" are in those Hillary Wall Street/big bank speeches and other corporate donations. Hell, discount 90% of it as non influential and the amount that's left is still HUGELY influential.

If money in politics is not a problem, then cut it out and level the playing field. Let the money go for corporate R&D, employee benefits, expansion, charity, whatever! Not going to happen. Instead of playing on the economic gameboard, corporations want to buy and run the economic gameboard. Not to mention the political motives being pushed through corporate "we're just trying to be a successful and profitable business" guise.

Thanks +Jared Vogel​!
Try this fun science experiment. Go to the bar after work and order a rum and coke every day for a month. Tip your bartender 500% every time. After a month, forget your wallet and see what your bartender does. Thinking question: Do you think that money influences the way people treat you?
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With Sanders though, small donations across many donors are less influential for any individual or corporate agenda and more indicative of influence from the public at large to continue with his policies and path.
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Scott Cramer

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Super Delegates and Baseball: A Rigged Competition

Great analogy.

Thanks +Sam Wolf​!
Super Delegates and Baseball:  A Rigged Competition

I happen to be a baseball  fan.  This is how the Democratic Super Delegate scenario would play out if the nomination were a baseball game:
Before the umpire calls "Play Ball" the privileged team is awarded 10 runs by the league.  Then, no matter how well the non-privileged team does, the scorekeeper adds 10 runs to the score of the inevitable team.
How long would fans continue to attend games?
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Upset fans would stop buying tickets or paying for season TV plans.
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Scott Cramer

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Breaking News: Betty White

Someone is going to share this at some point without checking current news and really feel awful (hopefully far far in the future).

Thanks +CK Feisal​ and +Irreverent Monk​!

Today at the age of 94, actress, animal rights activist, author, comedian, radio host, singer and television personality Betty White is alive and well. You may carry on now. All is right with the world.
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Oh Christ, what a scare! O.o'
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Scott Cramer

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Bonus Scribblegraph - "Wood"

I will not, no matter how much it would make +Yoon-Mi Kim​ giggle, say that +Ashlan Nathens​ g gave me wood this morning. She's such a perv. ;-)
"Wood" for #illustrationFriday

...Firstly, I HATE that they broke the Google Plus High Density Bing Machine. I hear it muttered in dark places that Google+ is being slowly decommissioned and that really makes me sad. It has always been a great place to share illustration. These days, I'm most active on my own website and on Twitter. Say hello there, I love chatting while I scribble. Anyway, about this scribble »

“Wood” • for illustration Friday, week of April 15-21. Copic MultiLiner SP 0.05 & 0.1 on Arches 300GSM 100% cotton. This week’s theme evoked a strong image in my mind and I decided to get involved in the weekly challenge. Trees and water are two of my favourite things to draw, perhaps because they’re two of my favourite things in life. I could quite happily live in a tree house out in a forest somewhere, far off the grid – and spend my days in a nearby ocean with fish to talk to and a kraken for a guard dog.

The more I get out and actually look at the world, the less of it there is to see. I have to travel a long way from my little home to take my kid out to see real forest. Near me, it’s all being torn down with the spread of the great ‘urban sprawl‘. There’s not a decent climbing tree with coo-ey, and there’s certainly nowhere I’d be able to teach her how to successfully hunt insects just to see what they’re all about. All the stuff I had available to me as a kid: it was marvellous. And unless you live half way to nowhere, it’s just plain gone now.

As for the rabbits in this illustration: you can come to your own conclusions about their story. If you have one, I’d love to hear it. I just don’t think it is the kind of material that will make a kids’ book.

Anyway, this is what I saw when I read the word “wood” this week, and here it is. Flea says I should put a bit of watercolour on this one, but I’m undecided. I think I’ll go sleep on it:) I’ve been unwell for nearly a week now. That is properly unlike me and I’m so tired of it. I’m off back down the rabbit hole for a nap.

#illustration #Copic #drawing #LineArt
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Hohoho! :) 
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Scott Cramer

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The Hippopotamoose

I'm always quite excited to see a new Scribblegraph. Today I am excited. Plus mooses!

Thanks to +Ashlan Nathens​​ and +scribblegraph​​! Redundant, you say? Perish the thought! ;-)

Recently, we were packing to head over east on a little holiday and Flea needed a book. She had recently caught up to where Robin Hobb has left the Farseer series and asked me for something new. I suggested she follow Robin Hobb with Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials, and she is devouring it. She now has a strong desire to meet her daemon… haven’t we all:)

So we spent some time discussing what our daemon’s would look like... (read more:

#illustration #ArtLine #HisDarkMaterials +Yoon-Mi Kim 
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Scott Cramer

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Appropriate day to wear the zombie shirt, apparently.

I always say, "I'm not really working unless I'm bleeding." :-/ Shirt credit to +byron rempel​​, who indoctrinated me into his zombie horde project. I'm #178. Come join. Bleeding not required (or so he says).

#zombie #tshirtdesigns #foolwithableedinghead
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No clue what I really did. Head is apparently too hard to know when hurt. Lol
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The first International Event with the absurdly long hashtag! #InternationalTakeAPictureUnderYourDeskDay is celebrated on the second Friday of November.Celebrated 2012, 2013, and, because life took some turns, 2014 was missed. Watch out 2015 because we will be back! This started with a conversation and challenge to the wonderful Miss +Jo Lane, who was the first under the desk and the spearhead to the phenomenon. Search on the hash-tag for many many pics of G+ peeps.
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It was time for a 3rd big challenge with my brother. While still cold out and snow on the ground, we decided to turn someone into a living snowman. What better way than turning to our G+ friends to join in the fun. Spoiler: I finally won one! Warning: Keith in a swimsuit (buried in snow).

2014-Dec - Halfdan Coming to America Daily Drawing Challenge
In honor of +Halfdan Reschat's first visit to America I drew a series of silly cartoons every day before his arrival.

2013-Sep - Low Budget Scene Reenactment
A video of television and movie scene reenactments. All scenes were taken from suggestions made by G+ peeps! We did the scene reenactments with whatever we had on-hand, no budget, and first takes.Collaboration and fun with, and inspired by, the G+ community.

2013-Aug - Impromptu Rubber Banded Watermelon Hot Potato Roulette Challenge
Not really an "offical" Cramer Brothers challenge so I never really counted it as a win. However, after 490 rubber bands strapped around a watermelon and NOT having it explode in my lap, it did feel pretty good. ;-)
2012-Sep - 10 Minute Hero (or Villain) Call to Action
The idea was to take whatever you have laying about the house in 10 minutes and create a superhero costume, snap a pic, and post it. This was a great bunch of fun that quite a few G+ peeps participated in. More credit and info at the link.

2012-Apr - Star Wars Costume Contest
My second G+ based contest and my second loss. All contest-related links provided, but for a quicker read, check out the original contest post at the top, then skip down to the 04/14/12 punishment link at the bottom. For a really good look at the "should have won" C3PO costume, watch the video on the second to last link.
2012-Feb - Shared Circle Challenge
See me in all my "glory." On 2/25/12, I became the first to experience The Death of a Thousand Condiments after losing a Google+ contest with +Keith Cramer.

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