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Scott Corbin

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Important things to know about me.
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Fair enough!
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Scott Corbin

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Gee, kids seem pretty smart.

What's wrong with everybody else?
At the 3 minute mark, I got the lulz
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Scott Corbin

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For all my peeps in the area.
somebody find this person and whip them with a rubber garden hose please.

From +Selina Kyle 
WARNING: Someone in San Francisco is going around poisoning dogs by leaving around tainted meatballs. Keep an eye on what your dog is eating. Here is what they look like.

Please pass it on!
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I certainly hope that's sarcasm
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Scott Corbin

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I like dogs.
Watch the video.
Blue Buffalo will donate $1 (Up to $25k) to Morris Foundation's canine cancer research for each view of their 1min video.
Today is the final day.    I click = 1$.  Currently the views are only at 500, which means we have some ground to cover. 

Please help me out by supporting a great cause and increasing pet cancer awareness.  
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Scott Corbin

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To all the new people who have circled me.

I have a profile. Read it.
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No worries, I don't say much anyway (online or off).
Mostly it was don't circle me and then go plus ever single post I've ever posted.
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Scott Corbin

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Yeah, Um no.
I call BS because if she was a boy there would be lawsuits.
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Everyone, as you grill out, spend time with your families, or my Canadian, European, or other members of the human race otherwise located remember what Independence day really means. All independence day's, not just American Independence.
This is from someone else, but I couldn't have said it better. Please remember what today is really about. People, common people, standing up for what's right.

"Happy 4th of July everyone. Let me remind everyone, as a former Army infantry soldier, that this day is not about soldiers dying for you or doing their duty. That is Memorial Day. 

Today is about something different. It is about ordinary citizens, people like you and me, who took up arms, firearms, against a tyrannical government to demand the respect they were granted by virtue of existing. Today is about the struggle for freedom, by everyday people, not soldiers. Our ancestors were not soldiers. They were farmers. They were blacksmiths, chandlers and coopers. They were merchants and shipwrights and all manner of ordinary professions. 

Would you have the fortitude to push through your fear, to face death to defend what they've won for us?

Today I spill ale for those ancestors, and for the colors that never run.

~Christopher Crittenden, American Heathen"
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Great reminder, +Scott Corbin !
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Scott Corbin

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This is really worth while.
Give up one Starbucks coffee and you can really help somebody.
Here's the camp if you are interested.
Help send Sam to camp! 

This camp looks like it will be an extremely positive experience for Sam.  +Megan Eklund rocks and her son is smart & funny just like her.  

Please take a minute to read this story, give anything if you can, or please share.  Thanks!
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Scott Corbin

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I don't usually do public, but when I do, it's important.
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I'm a METROLOGIST not a meteorologist. Bitch, learn to read. Here let me Google that for you.
I'm a very private kind of person, so I won't put much here publicly. If you want to know something, ask. I either will or will not tell you. But that's my prerogative.
Also, if you are adding me, drop me a note about you and how you found me (and not an IM, I have that off for a reason). No note, no circle back, and it'll be pretty boring. Don't need a dissertation, just a "Hay, I'm Joe Schmucatelly and I saw you on (insert name here) and you were pretty fucking funny!" I do check the profile of everyone who adds me, I'm not a total jerk, and that will determine where you get put. I'll show you what you show me.
I'm not here looking for 1,000,000 followers. If I wanted that I'd be on Facebook posting puppies, music, and poo. I'm here for conversation. If you don't want to converse, don't circle me.
And don't plus everything in my stream, it's annoying, just mention in the note that "you got some funny shit" and I'm good.
Bragging rights
LCpl, United States Marine Corps Oo Friggin RAH!!!
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