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Scott Cohen
Changing the world by helping people realize their goals, dreams, wishes, and ambitions.
Changing the world by helping people realize their goals, dreams, wishes, and ambitions.

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From Burning Man to Las Vegas 

It has been just a few weeks since the burn of the Life Cube in Downtown Las Vegas.  The embers may have cooled, but the memories of the project and the support and enthusiasm of the community, friends and family are still warming my heart. 
What began as an exploratory trip to Las Vegas at the beginning of last year has resulted in a journey that I will never forget.  There are so many anecdotes, photos, video, blogs, televised reports and news articles and yet they hardly begin to tell the tale!  In the meantime, it is with deep gratitude that I share a small smattering with you.  Attached to this letter are several links to video, and a few images to further pique your interest.
While the burn was a spectacular and moving event attended by over 10,000 people, the most meaningful part for me was the interaction with the community.  Over the past three months, I spoke with over five thousand students throughout the Las Vegas valley about the dual missions of the project:  1) writing down your goals for what you want to achieve in life; and 2) connecting art and community.  They responded by asking insightful questions, decorating their own cubes and canvasses, filling out thousands of “wish-sticks” with their own hopes and dreams, and bringing their families downtown to visit the Cube and attend the Burn.
Ultimately, more than 40,000 wishes went up into the universe.  We had 3700+ photos and videos posted to Instagram, 4500+ likes on Facebook, and even “trended” on Twitter, which they tell me is a big deal.  In addition, the chance to watch and interact with hundreds of artists as they paint and performed around the Cube was a truly special opportunity.
This was a very long project.  Whether you were in Las Vegas with me for part of it or cheered us on from afar, your emotional, advisory, artistic, skilled and/or financial support was integral to our success.  Your encouragement has been and continues to be appreciated more than you can possibly know.   Attached is this note with some photographs in PDF format.  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Scott Cohen
The Life Cube Project (Life Cube LLC)
Instagram:  #lifecube, #lifecubeproject
Twitter:  @thelifecube
Video Links:
‘The Life Cube 2014’
Fremont East Studios  (3 minutes)
‘The Life Cube Project Documentary’
H. Andrews Joven
(9 minutes)
Newspaper Articles from the Las Vegas Sun:
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Video of The Life Cube Project including footage from Burning Man 2011,12, 13 and Las Vegas 2014.   #lifecube   #lifecubeproject   #burningman   #brc   #art   #fireart   #scottcohen   #skeeter   #dtlv   #lasvegas   #vegas  Video created by H. Andrews Joven

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The life Cube burned in Las Vegas on March 21.  This photo was taken by Cameron Grant who climbed up an 80 foot boom.  Spectacular does not even begin to describe it.  Huge thanks for all that made this possible.   #lifecube   #lifecubeproject   #DTLV   #burningman   #brc   #starfighter   #angelinachristina   #scottcohen   #skeeter   #lasvegas   #majorlifemoment

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Super cool video by friends at Fremont East Studios about The Life Cube Project #lifecube #lifecubeproject  #dtlv #lasvegas   #fireart   #art  

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Ready, Set, Sign-up. Come help if you are in Las Vegas. New Life Cube Website is up and running. ...And if you haven't already, please like The Life Cube Project on Facebook. #lifecube #DTLV

Attention friends. If you can share this post and let people know to sign-up if they want to help with The Life Cube Project in Downtown Las Vegas it would be a huge favor. And if you want to come to LV and see what the Cube is all about, it will be ready for visitors Feb 21 - Mar 21. We burn it in the middle of DTLV on March 21 at 9PM.

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What would Thanksgiving be without Arlo Guthries's Alice's Restaurant?  
#ArloGuthrie #AlicesRestaurant
  #thanksgiving  #thanksgivingsongs

Poor Customer Service Award!  VONS & Safeway.  So I am not one that has ever ordered online, but currently in Las Vegas working on a project and will be for a few months, and with no grocery store nearby, I ordered from VONS (Safeway).  What a disaster.  First there was a scheduling problem, then they finally show up, and the first thing the driver says is "I got all you ordered except the chicken!  Now it was hard enough ordering from a supermarket without looking at the fruits and vegetables, but WOW, how does a grocery store run out of chicken?  And why wouldn't they call or email to tell me so maybe i could have selected something they did have?  Then they send an email:  "How did we do?".  So I responded with this was a terrible customer experience.  Standard auto response, then a "we'll check it out'.  Then I get a customer survey asking "how did we do" -I responded indicating "your service was awful".   Then they send an email which basically said "we have a sophisticated computer system to fill orders - and we sometimes do not have things in stock.  I write back asking for this to be escalated -- still no response, but they did offer 8 bananas for free with my next order.  What is wrong with this company????  Whoever is in charge of customer service might want to look for another job.  

So VONS/ Safeway - you are the recipient on this months POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD.  

Wishing you the ability to get your act together before more people give up on this online grocery order thing.  You have made it possible for many of my friends and contacts to be warned not to bother.  

After a week of emails & #customerservice surveys, #VONS  / #Safeway still have not called or tried to fix their poor customer experience. #poorcustomerservice   

#vons   #poorcustomerservice   #vons   #safeway   #customerservice   #onlinegrocery   #onlinegroceryshopping  

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Thanksgiving is soon. For those that have asked, FeedingNYC helps provide meals to 1000s of families in NYC 5 boroughs the Tuesday before TG. Started by my old boss and god friend Robert LoCascio, it is a terrific cause.  If you want to help or donate, visit #feedingnyc   #robertlocascio  

Very excited to be going to Las Vegas to meet folks from the community about the first city installation of The Life Cube Project planned for Spring 2014. Downtown Project Las Vegas The Las Vegas Burning Man Group! Downtown Las Vegas #burningman   #lifecube   #dtlv   #lasvegas   #lifecubeproject   #art  
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