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Did 31 days of pitches! Then took a few days off. Let's get back to it.


The current ruler of a kingdom has been in power a long time. Their reign is about to eclipse the reign of a former ruler... a ruler who was popular in their time and still has die-hard supporters who don't want to see that reign eclipsed. These loyalists are plotting to end the current ruler's reign prematurely on the eve of the big anniversary, and the characters are brought in to help with security in the week leading up to the event. How many assassination attempts will they have to foil? How well prepared are the old loyalists? Is the current ruler even worth saving?


The characters are trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse, when they come across a daycare which has remained untouched - but which the zombie hoard will soon descend upon. The daycare is defensible with some work, but the group needs to deal with a group of terrified young children and a handful of frightened caregivers. How many children are at the daycare? How many of them are old enough to grasp the magnitude of the danger, and perhaps help? How long can the group hold out there before they need to move on, and what do they do about the children?

Let's wrap up #rpgaday2015 !

24. Favourite House Rule
It's not a house rule I use, by one of my friends made a 3rd edition house rule where two natural 20's in a row resulted in an instant kill. This led to one of my favourite gaming anecdotes. One of our players (not I, sadly) showed up late to a game, right in the middle of the climactic boss fight with a demi-god. His character ran into the middle of the fight as the group floundered against the powerful foe, shot a single arrow, and he rolled two 20's in a row. The demi-god instantly.

25. Favourite Revolutionary Game Mechanic
It's an old one - but SANITY. Call of Cthulhu did it first, and its been used elsewhere a whole lot since. A measure for tracking the psychological effects of a game (especially a horror game) remains fairly ingenious.

26. Favourite inspiration for your game
This is a really hard one to pin down. I've been inspired by so many different things over the years, and tend to take bits and pieces and use them all over the place. So which bit spun itself into something particularly memorable? Hmm...

Okay, well, not something I used as a GM, but I was inspired by a combination of an old idea to run a Shadowrun group who were all moonlighting as a band, with a travelling sideshow, to pitch an idea for a Deadlands character which spun into the entire basis for a campaign +Stanley Woo ran. The Goodwynn Brothers Travelling Sideshow (which all the characters ended up being part of) had many wonderful and terrifying misadventures in the Weird West. It was good fun. One of the top five games I've ever played in, hands down, and a concept I may recycle down the road.

27.  Favourite idea for merging two games into one
Lets take the Ravenloft setting and just slap +Robin Laws and +Kenneth Hite's Trail of Cthulhu rule-set on top. Gothic horror is at its best when its mysterious and investigative, where the characters have to learn about their foes and move against them carefully and intelligently or risk annihilation. It's not as effective when it's about power-fantasy murder-hoboing.

28. Favourite game you no longer play
+Devin Bruce's Legend of the 5 Rings campaign, hands down.

If I had to pick one I used to run, I'd go back to my Ravenloft campaign (sadly untitled, but the one with Ari-Sep, Rico, Vasile, Cyan and Dr. Vanni.)

29. Favourite RPG website/blog
It's LONG defunct, but I got a lot of great GMing and roleplaying tips from a site called BlackJack's Shadowrun Page back in the day. It was a wealth of pro-tips that made me re-examine everything from how I ran combat, to how I made NPCs, to how I constructed a character, to how I considered the consequences of character actions. The side is still lurking around thanks to the Internet Archive, I think. So, yeah, kudos.

30. Favourite RPG playing celebrity
What counts as a celebrity? In my circles, +Monte Cook and +Wolfgang Baur are celebrities. So are +Robin Laws and +Kenneth Hite. Am I using this space to shout out to some of my favourite RPG writers? Maybe.

Okay, okay, okay - MEDIA celebrity. +Wil Wheaton. It may seem like an easy choice, but honestly, off the top of my head, I can't think of a media celebrity who's done more for our hobby.

31. Favourite non-RPG thing to come out of RPGing
It's the obvious answer - but it's also the right answer. Friendship. Tabletop gaming is a social activity - you get to meet people and have adventures with them.  I've made so many friends over the years through gaming, and continue to do so even today. Sure, roleplaying games are fun... but they wouldn't be half-as fun without friends to share them with.

So go! Get out and game!


The characters are all on boat at sea, when someone, or something begins stalking the decks, murdering crew members. All too soon, the characters are alone, in a storm, far from shore, with a hostile... something lurking below. Someone needs to pilot the ship... but whatever is aboard is sabotaging parts of the ship which need repaired or patched, as well if the characters ever intend to return to port. Who, or what, is picking off the crew? Is there more than one invader? How long does the group need to survive to be rescued, or make it to a safe haven?

Well, some horror pitches seem appropriate today, what with the loss of Wes Craven. Let's see what we can come up with.


Something is killing people who are accessing certain parts of the internet. What's left of the victims is found in front of their toasted computer monitors. Unbeknownst to law enforcers, an occult hacking ring is targeting people with a virus that runs a program which summons a fractal horror through the monitor. The group is brought in to investigate after the most recent death. Who is being targeted by the hackers, and why? Is there a danger the fractal being summoned could get too powerful, or lose? How can the hackers be stopped?


One of the characters is cursed, and every time they use a particular ability, it now comes a terrible, debilitating cost. For now, they must weigh carefully whether or not to use this ability - very probably one of their trademark powers, forcing them to rely more on their other skills. There is a cure for the curse, but not one that's easily obtained as it requires a few rare ingredients located in some remote locations. How did the character obtain this curse? Are there enemies working against their efforts to break it? What dangers might stand between them and the needed ingredients for the cure?


The characters are hired to move some illicit cargo onto a planet currently under a quarantine. No one supposed to leave the space-port for risk of contamination - but the cargo is of experimental medical supplies that could help the local population. Get the cargo to the planet is easy. Getting it out of the space-port will require some skill and planning. What is the planet quarantined over? How concealable is the medical cargo they need to move? Is there help in the quarantine zone they can call upon?


Two criminal factions, both with ties to the group, plunge into a violent turf war. Favours are called on by both sides for the group - heavily armed freelancers that they are - to help. Will the street violence split the group's loyalties? Will they be forced to sever ties with one ally to preserve their links to the other? Can the group skilfully play both sides? Is there another faction responsible for inciting the war?

I'm a few days behind, so lets post a few to catch up.


A wizard associate of the group has gone missing - but in his own home. The party needs to bravely enter and explore the wizard's tower to find out what happened to their ally, braving its Escher-like architecture, unusual and whimsical denizens, and cunning mystical traps. Of course, the tower is much, much larger on the inside. What wonders away the group in the depths of the wizard's home? Why hasn't the wizard been seen in so long? Is he working on something marvellous? Is he in danger?
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