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A nice group of people who I found to share and comment my posts, share awesome original content, and people that better the Google Plus community. Rock on guys. I do this weekly to reward those active on Google Plus and to archive my top posts throughout the week. To an awesome Monday!

Blog: I found it interesting that so many of you were awesome to subscribe to my YouTube channel just so I can recruit someone to the G+ family. I need 100, at 72 gained, so if 28 of you will subscribe to me, I'll prove my point. Subscribe:

Hyperball Madness: I started something last week that benefited everyone in last week's hyperball share. This week, I've decided to keep it going. It's really simple, share this circle share by Thursday, get included on +Hyperball Circles which currently holds the #2 share of the week. The hyperball ranked #1 for the majority of the week. 

WordPress Giveaway: Wow, I gave away all 150 licenses to my WordPress training series. Over $6,000 of licenses given away for my 50,000 circles celebration. Thanks to everyone who decided to write about it, blog it, share it, and podcast about it. Amazing stuff.

Want to be added to the #hyperball?
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3) Reshare anything that interests you on my stream (profile) from today or the rest of this week.

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Newest page +Animated Hypnotism How's that for a catchy page name? Obviouslyu I've got hundreds of thousands of animated gifs on my computer. These are a collection of stuff that makes you stare.


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I publish most received reviews, the good and bad, and write the pros and cons.

Scott's Guides and Tutorials
Here I list all of my favorite topics and things that happened for the week. These posts are what was used to compile the hyperball this week along with the prior hyperball sharers. Congrats all who made it!

Ultimate Guide to Google Plus
On G+:
See Why G+ is Awesome:

All Google guides available at:


Viral and Popular Photos and Gifs - Updated Weekly

3D Ice Age gif.
669 Shares; 917 +1

Extreme wingsuit skydiving.
326 Shares; 623 +1

Cat caught in the act.
297 Shares; 672 +1

Turtle surfer
270 shares; 716 +1

Cat "sticks" the landing.
176 Shares; 288 +1

Need more fun stuff to look at? Check out +What's Hot Archive. Every single day I share posts that reach 100+ shares from the what's hot page. It's an archive to solve boredom.


Scott's Communities
I've been busy this week on Google Plus! I've created two new communities this week that I'd like to share. Please consider joining them if they interest you.

Animal and Landscape Animations
Created by my +Animation Station page, this is an entire community based around animated GIFs of animals, people, and landscapes. Consider joining and sharing. Over 190 people have joined in less than a week! Woohoo!

Tiger of the Day
Like Tigers? I love them! I've had this community up for a few weeks now and it has grown to well over 140 members with people posting actively. Feel free to hit the share button on awesome Tiger shots if you come across them and share it to the community.

Hyperball Shared Circles
This is a community built around my Hyperball theme. I've got a lot of plans working with circle shares, and I've been hard at work putting together some nice themed circle shares.

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2 hours and 110 shares. Let's keep that momentum rocking. Thanks rockstars for your support!
+Scott Buehler Awesome - as ever! Thanks for including me - I feel honored! Plussed, shared and added!
+Scott Buehler Thanks a lot for including me in this great circle, Scott! I'm honored! The circle is shared. have a wonderful Monday, my friend!
Thank you for including me, sharing the circle to my page, please come and check the page regularly for new circles.
Happy Monday +Scott Buehler definitely enjoy your google+ shares.. thanks for including me. 
You have my continued thanks for inclusion in this circle and all it brings to G+ +Scott Buehler --- I hope this is a wonderful Monday for you and yours!  :)
Cheers +Scott Buehler +'d aand shared. Have a good week. ;-)
Very cool circle. If you can find a place for me in your Circles I would very much appreciate it. Shared.
One hour, 100 shares that is flat out astonishing in of itself. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. Reshare back to #1 probably in a few more hours. Amazing stuff. I've shared around 10x to help.
Thank you +Scott Buehler ~ shared! I have found that that since G+'s recent changes, it takes more power than my notebook pc has got to view peoples pages. It froze totally when I visited your What's Hot and Animation pages, and I got a performance alert. I need a much more powerful pc to view them.
What is amazing, is that internet people tend to keep odd hours, and internet people are spread all around the planet.

BlogSpot shows me generally where traffic is coming from. So early on, it's China, and Siberia, then India and Pakistan come on. Then Europe, and points South. Finally, it is Brazil.

Americans, Canadians, and Aussies appear to be online at all hours...
+Martha Magenta it isn't just you. Google Plus constantly crashes Firefox from memory use. I'm certain they will fix whatever they did to cause it. 
+James Clair Lewis yeah. I'm known to pull all nighters just to finish projects. Some of my most popular posts on here were shared at 3 am my time. 
+Martha Magenta same here. I've found the most stable browser for g+ is Chrome. Though everything works fantastic on all my mobile devices
+Scott Buehler I am using chrome and I agree, it has been the best for G+ but my notebook, which I use in the kitchen keeps crashing because of the extra drain on its resources caused by G+ updates. I do have a powerful desktop pc in another room, but it is freezing in there. It is too late tonight to bother switching it on. I must try to remember to switch it on to view your pages next time.
Thanks sire...plussed and shared!
+Scott Buehler how do you make a 'Thank You' stand out amongst such distinguished company? Just started out on G+ and thank you for helping me find my way with the masses of brilliant content. Its because of you and people like you I have neglected my Facebook page and friends for the last 3 weeks.  Nevermind, I can make new friends, better friends on G+ :-) Thanks for including me in the Circle mate.
I subscribed to Scott Buehler YouTube. Thanks for all yoi share! 
(¯`•♥•´¯)   ☆ Thank you for the inclusion ☆
  `•.¸(¯`•♥•´¯)¸.•♥. dear +Scott Buehler!  :)
☆ ؛ ` `•.¸.•´ ☆ I am honored. Shared and Plussed. 
                               Have a great week! :)
Hi mister +Scott Buehler. Now i understand why my followers count has increased significantly over the last few hours. Really thank you to shared my profile.

I post everyday many news and useful information. I share too some photographs from great photographers around the world that i really like. Most of my publications are in French or bilingual. But i comment many posts written in english language.

I try to promote Google+, here and in my other social networks. I appreciate what Google does with this great plateform.

Thanks again and welcome to my new followers !
Ivy Eve
Awesome circle.  Thanks +Scott Buehler 

✿•*¨`•. Have a wonderful day .•¨`*•✿
Ah so I see now. I tried to get rid of it and it wasn't going away (not without taking the rest of your name with it). But now I see it is just fine. :)
I hope everybody has a fun, safe and prosperous week ahead...
Lots of great content coming from Scott Buehler lately...
Thanks for including me +Scott Buehler Lots of gratefulness heading your way. As always, plussed, shared, commented and all round thumbs up. Top man.
──────────╚═╝ +Scott Buehler 
Shared this plus a caturday. I'd like to be added to the  #hyperball.
Done done and done lol HAPPY MONDAY ALL!
+Scott Buehler Thanks so much for the inclusion in your Fabulous & Awesome Circle. Plussed/Added/Shared. DONE! XOXO :D
Thank you +Scott Buehler very much for this astonishing circle!  I greatly appreciate the inclusion.  Plussed and shared.  Have an amazing week!  :)
Very interesting work on your +Hyperball Circles !  Thank you for your kind inclusion +Scott Buehler for your  Astonishing Engagers Happy Monday Hyperball.  Will be re-shared right after this :)
Hi +Scott Buehler I'd love to make it back into your fabulous circle, have plussed and shared. Also found you on YouTube! Off to check out your new communities - you've been busy!
Great circle :-) *plussed and shared*
love the hyper ball MONDAY and :)+Chris Del Grande there are amazing people here who will really help you......nice to meet you!
+Chris Del Grande  You are most welcome.  This is week in and week out the number one circle of them all.  You are definitely in the right place here. +Scott Buehler takes care of things the right way and gets the result to show for it.
Ooh! I got to be #300 +Scott Buehler  :) Thanks for this circle! Looks very fun :) Shared!!
Great circle, will the next one hit 500 reshares? Plussed, shared, commented! 
Hey everyone. For those that celebrate, have a happy and joyful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.
Love the power of the share  (。◕‿◕。)
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