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Impact Now Academy - WordPress, eCommerce, Advertising and Business
Impact Now Academy - WordPress, eCommerce, Advertising and Business


Deleted 12 Communities - 8 Brands

All of the old communities I deleted were part of my big social media push in 2015. Most of them were filled with junk that I am no longer interested in. My "brand" pages that I purged were old failed businesses, old interest-based pages like "Animal Vibes" and junk like that.

I did create a new interest +Impact Now Academy which is where I will categorize all of the content I post from my new website.

Other than that, I am happy to report I've done my job to help rid this social network of spam. There's just a ton of it everywhere these days including a majority of the communities.

Every month I return here, it just gets more and more depressing. Guys I follow that still continually post get just a few post engagements these days. Just insanity. I wonder of my 6 figure follower count, what percentage of users still check in. Probably less than 0.1% (121).

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Learn how to choose the eCommerce niche that is right for you! Structure your ideas, build your pros / cons, do market research and execute your strategy. #Shopify #eCommerce
How Do I Choose My eCommerce Niche? I'm asked this question quite frequently and decided to show my method when launching a new store.

In this guide you will see how to organize and plan out all of your ideas. You will learn how to find #eCommerce products that are proven to sell on Facebook. You will learn how to find hundreds if not thousands of Shopify stores in your #niche.

There's some free tools and tricks that are provided in this guide that you should definitely review!

Don't make the same mistakes I made when I first got started. Are you picking a niche or a product type? If you pick a product type, you will likely severely limit your growth in the future.

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Looking for awesome plugins for your Business WordPress site? I just put together this list of awesome WordPress plugins that I recommend with the majority of them being free. Worth checking out!
Looking for awesome plugins for your #Business WordPress site? I just put together this list of awesome #WordPress plugins that I recommend with the majority of them being free. Worth checking out!

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Have you ever wanted to create a blog but not quite sure where to start? My very first guide has been written for you in mind! Check out +Impact Now Academy #createablog #startawebsite #WordPress

A crossroads in my life has occurred. Literally shut down almost everything I've done and building new empires. Doing things you enjoy is very important. Will start sharing my posts when I upload.

- New self-help, business, mindset and training site is online.
- New niche pages created.
- New eCommerce / Membership site in the works.

Time to put my years of Facebook advertising experience to use!

Also, updated my profile picture with a photo I took this week.

Thanks to my wife Tammy for the hours and hours searching domains and domain tools to come up with my next brand that I'll focus on for years to come.

+Impact Now Academy's main contributor will be yours truly. I'll focus on helping businesses succeed with legendary content on there that will truly help people and their businesses.

I just setup the site yesterday and getting things configured and planned out. Lots of keyword research ahead as I write on things that I'm passionate about.

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Well this beachball bounce is just interesting to watch multiple times. #gif
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Stonework #dog

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Always exciting to see so much Star Wars fun going on
It's official. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. In theaters this December.

That new Galaxy S8 image leak that shows the front is just nasty. I had the Galaxy S7 Edge and that curved glass drove me nuts. You are forced to use a case just to avoid accidentally touching the screen. I'll pass.
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