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Scott Buehler

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That new Galaxy S8 image leak that shows the front is just nasty. I had the Galaxy S7 Edge and that curved glass drove me nuts. You are forced to use a case just to avoid accidentally touching the screen. I'll pass.
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I have the S6 edge and I've never ever had a problem with the curved edge. 😮
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Scott Buehler

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I love you, beautiful people. So much going on in my life, but most importantly, getting healthier by the day, on my way to being skinny for life.

Back up on the horse, updating businesses, getitng things rolled out, getting ready for the holidays.
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Scott Buehler

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I've tried to shake my sugar addition twice this year and both times, I relapsed. This time has been a bit different with the health problems I've had recently. This is it, change the foods I eat which will result in a natural weight or die early.

I'm currently one month clean from downing obscene amounts of daily sugar in foods, drinks, etc. Some days, it's all I can think about, like going to Dairy Queen, or buying store ice cream, getting a huge ICEE or grabbing a soda or two. Other days, no desire at all and thankfully, these other days are becoming more and more common.

One attributing factor of my success this time has been eliminating my Zyrtec (anti-histamine) addition. The itchiness it causes coming off is mostly gone already, I might have had a few nights where itching fits kept me awake over the past 30 days.

My journey of going from 298 pounds to under 200 pounds will require a success in quitting sugar cold turkey. So far, so good. Already down 20 pounds and it was fairly easy to do because of the elimination of high uric acid (list very large), high histamine (fermented) foods and avoiding sugar.

I'm hoping later this month I can start walking and lifting weights. If the gout subsides completely, I will also add cardio to the mix (hopefully in October). If not, I will continue to lose weight and hope the gout goes away with the weight.

Thanks to everyone checking in privately. You guys are awesome.
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Scott Buehler

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Managed to control my massive weight loss when I switched to the gout and low histamine diet. Thankfully I don't react to cheese so I eat a little of that every day. I've been around the same weight for a week now (give or take 2 pounds).

September, I'm shooting for 10-16 pounds of weight loss, around 2-4 pounds per week. The difficulty isn't losing the weight, it is preventing massive weight loss that will cause my gout to flare up.

I've cut most sugar except for the glass of cherry juice and a little carbs here and there with breakfast. I am STILL off of Zyrtec and the full-body rotating-itch fits are gone! Finally. My brain fog and cognitive issues are slowly repairing. Now that I'm off that pill, the STRONG DESIRE to eat sweets and junk food is gone. Now I understand why they say chronic antihistamine use is linked to Alzheimer's and weight gain. Scary stuff. I had no idea.

As for the #gout, I still think it was the result of taking mangosteen capsules. Since I stopped, each day I'm able to walk faster and faster with a smaller and smaller limp. Threw those things away.

Current meds / supplements: Vitamin C, #Quercetin (natural anti-inflammatory and antihistimine), Omega 3, multivitamin and concentrated dark cherry juice. Thinking about adding powdered probiotics to the mix.

All that said. I'm getting back into the swing of things. Working on my eCommerce businesses, catching up on emails, reaching out to new contacts, strategizing and dealing with normal day to day issues.

Also getting the rest of my computer parts, most of them today, hard drives tomorrow. Building the computer over the weekend, I'm hoping without much problem or faults.

Lastly, feel free to reach out about anything business, #eCommerce or chit-chat in PM. Looking to expand my network, especially anyone in Utah, Nevada or SoCal. If you live in the Southern Utah area and want to hang out, let's make it happen.
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+Caz Mclaughlin wow, that's very sad. As soon as I got my first gout attack, I've eliminated tomatoes, strawberries and a couple high purine greens. Definitely getting better, but since only 1/3 of uric acid comes from diet, it is still a struggle.

Made a recent post about my weight loss journey. Already down 20 pounds but 80 to go. Long journey ahead but feeling better already.
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Scott Buehler

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Here's something I haven't done in a VERY LONG TIME. I have decided to build my next computer starting with the pictured Fractal Design Define R5 case. The motherboard will be a EVGA Z170 Classified K with a Core i7-6700K - Skylake processor with a Noctua NH-D15 6 heatpipe air cooler. I'm throwing 32GB RAM at the project as well. For the video card. I could only go with the best, a EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Gaming ACX 3.0 killer. Drive C will be an M.2 SSD 500GB card that fits right on the motherboard.

I'm skipping several generations of hardware with this upgrade that was way overdue. It was fun doing all the research and yes, I know generation 7 Intel processors were just announced.

I'm a heavy advertiser and I create a lot of video to use in advertising. This machine will be an amazing gamer with awesome media encoding capability. #pcbuild #newcomputer
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the cooler is not symmetric, one side is shorter than the other so it will give you space for the first video card slot. the older model did take the first PCIe but the NH-D15 gives yo y ample space.
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Scott Buehler

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Must admit, the changes happening here are really nice. Very impressed. Now if they would just let advertisers in.
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Scott Buehler

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Be incredible, you beautiful people. Saw G+ in the news about "new features" like Events and I'm left dumbfounded. We had events before, I guess they removed it and now it's back, brand new... lol

What's next? I have this idea where they integrate Google Hangouts with Google+ to add an awesome communication medium. :P

LOL. I kid I kid. Hope you are all having an awesome 2017 so far. Quite busy here at the Buehler residence, running a shipping business, a few stores and more projects coming.

I've found freedom. I can now travel and do whatever I like, whenever I like. It's truly an amazing feeling.

Bless all of you.
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Scott Buehler

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Stop being a wantrepreneur. Just. STOP. There's nothing more frustrating to me to have someone pitch me their ideas for feedback with a huge list of "pros" as to why it would work.

Ok, Ok, you have passion. Sure. Fine. But here's the question that stops them dead in their tracks with a deer in headlights look:

"What steps are you taking right now to realize your business?"

If it is money, how are you going to save up? What can you do right now to start saving?

Their response after 20 seconds of thought will tell me whether I'm talking to an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur. If you come at me with a list of excuses, now you know how I've classified you and how I'll steer the conversation.
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I like the direct approach you've taken on that, Scott.  We can pussy-foot around and waste each others time or you can tell me what I really need to hear - - -  up-front honesty and reality.   
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Scott Buehler

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Ready for temps to drop 10-15 degrees. I work so much better when it isn't hot outside.

Building my new rig this weekend if it all arrives.
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Scott Buehler

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Static discharge! Ouch.
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Uh-oh!  Poor guy just wanted to 'Reach out and touch somebody's hand', too.............
He's not gonna forget, Scott.............. You're gonna be on the receiving end of socks, ties and undies for the next 20 years every Fathers Day...................  :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)
How goes it. mate.  Nice hearing from you.  Cheers!  Caz
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Scott Buehler

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See ya #Tsu. I continue to theorize the owners made a ton of money promoting their own CPA / affiliate offers and locked out most advertisers to serve their own agenda. Perfect strategy but unsustainable.
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Scott Buehler

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How to Target Your Facebook Ads to Business Locations : Social Media Examiner

#targets #facebook #ads #businesslocations
Do you want to get your Facebook posts in front of an audience at a specific physical location? Discover how to use workplace targeting for Facebook ads.
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