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Scott Blackman

I've been bullet journaling since February. In my new company there are significant security restrictions making it harder for me to continue to use the 'ubiquitous capture' approach I used to follow with my digital tools (OmniFocus, Drafts, Dropbox, Evernote, etc). So bullet journaling has been a great alternative.

I'm using a Leuchtturm Medium Notebook (Squared) and it too meets my needs nicely (I seem to have developed an unhealthy pen fetish as well all of the sudden!) . As I continue to evolve my use of bullet journaling and as I modify it's conventions to better meet my needs, I've taken to the idea of occasionally wanting to print something (like a calendar) and pasting it onto a page. 

One of the surprising challenges is my seeming inability to find A5 printer paper. While there are options on Amazon, they are either expensive or the actual delivery time frame doesn't fit well  with my [child-like?] lack of patience. My sense is this paper is more popular outside of the US, but surely there is someplace I can find it here. Any suggestions? I've been to Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples and I'm running out of local options. Don't mind ordering online, but don't want to wait a month for delivery if I don't have to.
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