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Scott Bird

Equipment  - 
Love to surf? Check out this offering from Quicksilver (a wetsuit that looks like a regular suit) :
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Very promising indeed - trials of a drug (already used to help treat diabetes) which potentially repairs some of the damage caused by Alzheimer's.
Patients over 50 with early Alzheimer's recruited for research in Cambridge after study finds drug Liraglutide might reverse some damage caused in later stages of disease
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Scott Bird

Injuries & Rehab  - 
Repairing and enhancing human vision - fantastic.
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Another way to potentially reverse the damage caused by MS. Very promising indeed.
A pair of topical medicines already alleviating skin conditions each may prove to have another, even more compelling use: instructing stem cells in the brain to reverse damage caused by multiple sclerosis.
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Scott Bird

Research  - 
Immune-enhancing protein, LEM (lymphocyte expansion molecule). Promising.
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A robot chef - ideal for anyone who finds it difficult (or impossible) to prepare their own meals. Nice one.
“It’s the ultimate sous-chef,” Anderson told BBC News. “You tell it to do something--whether it’s a bit of prep or completing a whole dish from start to finish--and it will do it.”
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Anyone tried this yet? The OMsignal App for the Apple Watch. Looks great.
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Fair enough Chas. I suspect the android equivalents aren't all that far away.
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A very interesting area, which I suspect is about to change quite rapidly - research into motor neurons (and the nervous system in general).
Often described as the final frontier of biology, the nervous system is a complex network comprised of the brain, spinal cord and the nerves that run through the body. Published today by scientists led by Bennett Novitch, Ph.D. at the Eli & Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell ...
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Scott Bird

Discussion  - 
It'd be fantastic to see these around here - covered bike lanes, which also generate electricity.
Korea has created a PV-covered bike lane connecting Sejong and Daejeon which offers a clean transit option that utilizes unused median space in an existing highway, while providing renewable solar electricity. The PV-covered bike lanes runs approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers) from Sejong to Daejeon. Bicyclists are protected by a guard rail. This innovative use of unused infrastructure is part
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Yeah, it's pretty similar here John. There's a bit in urban areas, but not much outside of those.
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Scott Bird

Injuries & Rehab  - 
Clinical trials of the ExoAtlet exoskeleton. Fantastic.
The clinical trials of Russia’s first exoskeleton, designed for rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the locomotive system, will begin in May at one of the country’s top medical research institutions.
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Scott Bird

Discussion  - 
Can't come soon enough. Banning smoking in NSW outdoor dining areas.
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Would love to see this widely used. Apple's ResearchKit.
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Scott Bird grew up in that wonderful part of the world known as Australia, and has also enjoyed the rare beauty, historic marvels and culinary delights of Scotland. He has been behind a camera for more than 30 years now, and is rarely seen without one.

He loves cemeteries (although only during daylight hours) as they remind him that he is still alive. His favourite season is Autumn. Despite enjoying almost any musical genre, country and western is definitely out. He used to think it was possible to shave with a single-bladed razor, but advertising has taught him that four-blade razors are now required. He refuses to eat at McDonalds and wonders why anyone over the age of 8 would wish to be served hamburgers by a clown. He has never been to Libya. He has replaced several minor compulsions with a couple of major addictions. He loves walking to the edge of a familiar area, pausing, then walking on. He wonders why inertia-reel seatbelts are not used on aeroplanes. He does not own a television. He enjoys playing with Lego, but, as he frequently points out, only the Mindstorms kits. A hot cup of Horlicks will frequently send him to sleep within ten minutes. He once microwaved a can of Coke. He is yet to find a decent King-sized bed that will allow two people to sleep in comfort without creating a small ditch down its centre. He loves to watch bridges being constructed. He becomes most distressed when shopping centres display Santa Claus' reindeer in the wrong sequence. He loves rainbows, though he has never managed to climb onto one; let alone get to the other side. One day he would like to write a novel that contains all of the partial stories he has written over the years. His handwriting is consistently illegible, therefore he types almost everything. He prefers dogs to cats. He has almost travelled to South America on many occasions. He doesn't wear a wristwatch.

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Straight to the Bar is the online home of serious fitness enthusiast Scott Bird, and looks at the many training approaches, essential techniques, uncommon exercises and superb equipment to help you become as strong as humanly possible. In short, this site is the home of all things strength. Whether you’re a Strength Athlete, Performing Strongman, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer or just someone who enjoys picking up insanely heavy objects; come and join us at .
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