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Scott Bilik
Catholic, Widower, Father, Geek
Catholic, Widower, Father, Geek


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Wow! (Start 3min44sec in)

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OK fellow Linux geeks. (+Neil Chappell, +ye olde grumpy-git, etc.)

Color me impressed with the work my youngest has done this week. See below. Let's hope he keeps it up. Perhaps he can team up to make videos with SneakyLinux or LinuxHelpGuy.

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Since +Michelle Huhn was sharing how nice the weather was in her part of TX, I thought I'd mention how unseasonably NICE it was in southern NH...

Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Taking the top down on the 1st of February?! Priceless.

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Got my periodic update of new courses from Pluralsight and was pleasantly surprised to see that they offer a short course (2hrs 15min) on using static site generators.

Build a Better Blog with a Static Site Generator
β—˜ Why Do My Blog Pages Take Forever to Load?
β—˜ What Are the Top 10 Static Site Generators?
β—˜ Creating Our Blog with Hexo and DocPad
β—˜ Styling Our Blog with a Bootstrap Theme
β—˜ Enhancing Our Blog with Plugins and 3rd Party Services
β—˜ Workflow: Writing Our Blog and Deploying It with Git
β—˜ Bringing Our Old Blog up to Speed

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Made this yesterday. 'Twas so good that when I said we were going to work on reducing the leftovers in the fridge, The Boyz all said that they wanted the Turkey Chili.
My notes are at:

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"That's my BOY!" ;-]
This video is a side project that my robotics club did. It talks about how plastic water bottles can't be recycled as much as we think we can. Please take a look at the video. It is short and humorous!

Welcome +Timothy BilikΒ to Google+ !!

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