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  • Angry Birds Under Pigstruction
  • Threes!
I fall down a lot
  • I've never used an operating system that I didn't (dis)like.
  • I'm exceedingly sarcastic.
  • I'm very bad at checking email.
  • I'm a bleeding-heart liberal and proud of it
  • I can't live without Diet Coke.
  • I can live without asparagus.
  • can't live without the Intertubez
  • I can live without conservatives
  • I love computers, software, gadgets and technology in general.
  • I don't love comic books or sci-fi/fantasy movies/books.


Scott Beamer

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If you've been patiently waiting to pack your valise and embark on a totally not ill-fated journey on a boat named Titanic this year, you'll have to put that plan on hold a little while longer. The...

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Great, they're charging pet rent here ($20.00 per month, starting March 1st).

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Scott Beamer

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Created with PicSay Pro

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It will be weeks before it reopens again. 

Scott Beamer

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The police officer who fatally shot Quintonio LeGrier, a black 19-year-old and an unarmed bystander, is seeking more than $10 million for “extreme emotional trauma.”

Scott Beamer

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After changing aviation and the entire tourism industry, the venerable Boeing 747 may be nearing the end of its production life.
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Goat Simulator

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I'm fat, and the employees are fat. I felt right at home.
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I hate shopping at WinCo stores. My first visit to a WinCo store was about a year prior to this review. Since that time I’ve visited their stores maybe 3-4 times over the course of the year. My experiences have always been negative. I had vowed not to shop there again, but it was 4:00 AM, I was awake and craving Diet Coke (I’m addicted to the stuff and was out of it), and they were the closest grocery store that was open. WinCo’s main claims to fame are that they have the overall lowest prices in town (they generally do) and they are open 24 hours (most grocery chains aren’t). Based on my experience, here’s my advice – don’t shop there. But if you must, then don’t go after 11 PM or before 7 AM. It’s an obstacle course. The stockers are everywhere. Yes, this is what one should expect at this hour, but compared to other 24-hour chains (QFC, Walmart) the stockers at WinCo are in a league of their own. Aisles are frequently completely blocked off, or they are blocked off at one end (and they are loooong aisles). It can be a gamble picking up items, if they are in one of the fully blocked aisles. You take your chances late at night. They may have what you want, but you just can’t get it, if the aisle is closed. The place is like a spruced up Costco with better variety. Unlike Costco, they do have signs on the aisles telling you what can be found there. But, the signs are forest green with white lettering (poor contrast) and are only in the middle of the very, very long aisles. So, unless you have really, really good eyesight, you have to walk down an aisle far enough to read the sign. And unlike the competition, you bag your own groceries here. I’m fine with the concept of bagging your own groceries for substantial cost savings, but just don’t try this alone. If you shop alone and buy more than a few bags full of groceries during the day, and early evening, you risk holding up the line (at which time, you will have to suffer the embarrassment of having one of the employees getting annoyed and coming over to assist you). In such an environment, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb. If you’re planning on buying more than a few bags of groceries, you really need to bring someone along to help you bag, You can avoid this checkout predicament, by shopping late at night, but then you have to contend with wrecking crew. Another Costco comparison – limited selection of products. Yes, the store is huge and yes they do have a lot of stuff (certainly more variety than at Costco), but still, it’s quantity over variety. You’ll find better variety elsewhere. For example, I’ve been able to buy Oscar Mayer (a major brand) Hard Salami at Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertsons and QFC (I’ll never shop at Walmart, so I can’t speak to them but I’m sure they carry it too), but it’s nowhere to be found at WinCo. This isn’t just a one time out of stock thing. They don’t carry it, period. I’ve looked (and asked) for it every time I’ve visited over the past year. I've run across this with several other items as well, but this one in particular stands out. Noe then, if you want Oscar Mayer Bologna, they’ve got 5 times as much as you’ll find at the competition in a variety of package sizes. The savings are just not worth the hassle of shopping here. You’ll usually spend more elsewhere, but not that much more, if you shop smart.
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They provided outstanding care to my mom and our family during the last 4 months of her life. At the end her condition deteriorated so that she didn't want to be at home anymore. So HOV moved her into their facility at Ryan House. The staff there was great.
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