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On a recent trip returning to NYC via EWR we came across this AVA (Airport Virtual Assistant) hologram located in the international terminal of Newark Liberty International Airport in NJ.
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I want to see shot from side.
Now make it a cute Asari and you're in business.
This looks flat. I've seen this at the Athens airport. Just a projection on a flat surface.
So there is some projection surface in shape of this woman?
No, time travel, practical applications.

"There's a place, called tomorrow"
I believe the definition of a hologram is a 3 dimensional image, is it not? The second video link shows its definitely not. From the side you can see it's just a flat transparent projection screen. Also, its a bit creepy. 
On the blog post I mention that it is actually 2D projection on a flat surface, but the company refers to it as a hologram.
Great I am sure Walmart is already thinking how to use these to make it look like they have more people working.
I don't think the fact it uses a flat projection screen necessarily prevents it from being a hologram. Contemporary science fiction always seems to present holograms as some sort of 3D figure projected out into space, but more traditional holography, if I remember correctly, just gives the impression that there's either a 3D figure behind or in front of a flat surface. In this case it looks like they might be doing something with the screen material to give particularly wide viewing angles, but from the videos it sure seems you're always seeing the avatar head on. If you were looking at a "real" hologram, as you moved to the side I don't think it'd look like some high-tech spooky photo whose eyes follow you, it'd look like you were walking around the presenter.
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