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That was awesome. I've never seen that type of behavior.
You do realize that she was probably jus lifting the baby to help it get air, right? Mother whales do that with their calves all the time when the babies are very young. Still, I guess it's nice to think that she was lifting it up to get a look at us. One can only hope it wasn't to give it a warning about us.
+Nici Roberts that makes sense. And yeah, hopefully not saying "these are the harpoon-throwing creatures I told you about"
This would have been so much better without the freaked-out cackling woman's commentary. Still pretty cool though.
Whale to calf: At times like this I wish we were sharks...
This is so adorable..
This whale wouldn’t be there alive if the Japs are around.
If only we could be smart enough to observe the knowledge she is imparting... Hey kid, stay clear of these creatures... they are small, but they really mess stuff up, create all the pollution and wreck all they touch... STRANGER DANGER IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM...
create pollution? i might of read that wrong but who ever wanted to polute living life is a jerk how could u think of that but still i could of be reading it wrong but still>:(
+Nici Roberts etc. Yes, they could be lifting them for other reasons, but there are many instances when they lift the babies with the apparent desire for their babies to interact with people. I've been to San Ignacio and Bahia Magdalena numerous times and have seen it happen. One time when it happened to me, the mother literally pushed the baby vertically up out of the water and into my face while I sat in the boat (and I was not leaning over) and I was able to put my hands on either side of its head... she pushed the baby much further out of the water than would be expected for any other purpose. And it was the most amazing experience of my life! Also, while I agree that the woman screaming was annoying, that kind of experience has a way of provoking squeals and other annoying vocalizations from those who experience it. :)
+Tom Levesque - it's a shame; clearly you haven't had an experience like that in the video, or you wouldn't be so hostile.
But wouldn't that be a bit too much disturbances to the whales???

Just wonder......
oh god, that hysterical woman …
The whales do often seek this kind of contact and interaction. In Hawaii we tried to keep the prescribed distance from one and it kept coming to the boat.
She was showing her calf off, proud mama.
wow, that was amazing, lets hope those whales stay out of whale hunting areas

Jesus woman, we get it. The mother is there. Calm down.
Agree with comments above...a magical moment communing with leviathan and offspring in the wild... pretty well bespoiled by an excess of quasi-orgasmic exhortations...lmao! 
flip the boat flip the boat
see what will happen if you don't eat your plankton.
Natural maternal condition reflex.............
It's like a double rainbow... in a boat!
don't go anywhere close to these killers must be the lesson.
You would think a woman out on a nature-observing trip like that would have the sense to keep quiet so as not to disturb the non-human critters (let alone, us humans ones).
this is definitely whales interacting with humans - the whales would not let those ppl touch them if it were only for air that they had come up, especially no touching the baby...
amazing why on earth japanese killing the whales?????
I can't see anything the quality of the picture is pretty bad
Not just interraction ... it implies intelligence and demands attention. ALL life thinks - we are NOT alone.
Only Japanese killing whales? Just finished listening to Molby-Dick; or the Whale by Herman Melville. It contains a vivid description of a scene very similar to this video - some 170 years ago.
How embarrassing! Those folks are like a cackle of Hyaenas- no self control or respect for what they witness! I'm ashamed of their disregard to these creatures!
brian m
Likely traumatised by the screeching
Thank God the boat didn't topple with all the excitement ;)
Screeching loud, we can all feel the love towards the great kingdom of animals, but peace and quiet would be most respectful towards them. I am disappointed in the lack of respect. However they must have felt safe and the love to be so close. I am thankful for this.
That was so breathtaking. That shows the awsomness of GOD and his creation.
wow wow wow...people in this video are very lucky, they had a surprise time with Mother Whale and her great
Wow that was really awesome. Enjoyed it.
That hits so close to home in several ways. GRRRR.
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