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thanks for the new comic to read every day.
According to the chart I've either got abandonment issues or an invisible dog. Perhaps both?
Cliffhanger roles need to be reversed in the image to give it credibility.
Necrophiliac is the best one.
My parents are closer to the "Invisible Dog".
Human Braid and Necrophiliac FTW
um, why do people need a chart to figure out how they want to bump uglies?
what the f##k are you talking about, ur wrong in the head for talking bout something so deviant as necrophilia. Ur one of the reasons y there needs to be prisons for people that do things like that cos to me its the same as abusing children and raping women.
The person is "dead" asleep...........@Jamel You're probably just mad because you got no cuddles......sad for you :(
need a daizy chain inn a purrrple t8hunder
Where is the position where your g/f takes up the middle of the bed with her arms out leaving only the very edge for her b/f.
really agree with Jamel's comment.
Heh, very silly chart. And note, folks, despite this being called a kama sutra, this is about sleeping. You know. That other activity people do in bed.
My husband likes my cooking....
Oh? What's your specialty? I do a mean chicken chilindron.
This can't be right! Where's the OTHER bed! LOL
Me and the wife used to me cliff hanger, now we r invisible dog lol
veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery funny!
you got that write what is the point it is just a boy and girl hugging and falling on eachother
My husband starts out zombie attacking me, then it turns into cliffhanger and I'm lucky if I Can achieve invisible dog by the morning! Lol best descriptions ever!
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