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Earlier today I had the pleasure of meeting Grumpy Cat. Here are a few photos from my visit with her, she is such a sweet cat.
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Funny cat don't seem to be happy but nice photo happy evening dear friend Scott
This cat has been very popular on imgur lately.
Bet Santa Claws will look better on the 25th 
The memes that have been created with this cat's picture are the funniest....ever!
i don't think she's grumpy at all!
I am jealous, I want to pet her so badly.
This cat is only a kitten - 9 months old. I think that they are using the same picture over and over, and putting meme quotes on the picture. She appears to be well taken care of.
The cat wanna go to Christmas. look funny the cat
Gwumpy cat ....awww ...whatsa matta??
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