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Body Portholes Dress Gives a Below-Deck View First, Greece-based fashion designer Lina Petrauskiene of Etsy shop LinaSpyroS created the dress that we called the "butt cleavage dress". Now she has int...
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For crying out loud, what happened to "ladylike?"
that's just odd, why bother wearing anything then o.O
just sayin'....if it was my sexy ass wife in this dress...YES....but dis ho raggedy...str8t up....
They call that fashion? Wouldn't a stripper wear that?
I don't think that even a stripper would be caught dead in this.
I support this new fashion trend.
... somehow - i just don't think this would be very becoming on Moochelle Obama ...
nice, getting a quickie in will be even quicker now..
Lee Lee
Dear Lina: Your tasteless avant-garde is showing.
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