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Rob Go
Lock and load or load and lock. Shit, do both. It's goin' down.
Yes, let's not talk about the criminally insane walking the streets because of the lack of any social safety net. Let's talk about zombies.
+Jason Perdue, way to go Buzz Killington!

Can't even make a f**** joke on google plus without someone getting all political about it
So over these zombie apocalypse posts. Everybody knows cannibalism have been around since the beginning of time. If you don't already know it well you should
i hope zombies don't become real. but once u think about it the dead cannot come back and live for long or even move
+Chad Pratt +Jason Perdue - chad, #srsly? #srsly? a guy has HIS FACE EATEN OFF WHICH MUST HAVE BEEN EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL, his attacker was yet another example of mental patients and drug addicts not getting the help they need, and this is an opportunity for zombie comedy for you?? nice compassion there. nice.
ok. :) and sorry if i did steal ur "thunder". :)
true. u can always wake up if its in ur head.
It's just a joke, lighten up, I know smart people have a sense of humor?! ;0p LOL
hahahahaha i know. im just re-asuring myself
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