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I Worry That Facebook Is Killing Meaningful Communication Chuck & Beans
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I don't believe Facebook will be around for much longer. I think the bubble is slowly bursting
Facebook does not have the appropriate security or anti-bullying. I know in my personal experience, my account was hacked numerous times! Plus, there was bullying going on that was rediculous!
But now I've gone and ruined it by saying something meaningful and even interacting with others. Doh!
I know this is out of place, but this post is a good example of why I'm a little iffy about the new android G+. I had to click the post 2 times just to read the text at the top of the comic. Just a little redundant.
The new android app ruins communication on G+
Don't have a Facebook .
Sorry, just a little dark humor. For myself, I gave up and deleted forever (sic) my Facebook account. Life has gone on just fine.
It's taken all those good times I used to have with friends IN PERSON and now all my friends only communicate through's a good thing I have my partner or I'd have no one to talk to in realtime!
Information is power. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would want to give the entire world that much power over them.
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This is so true. People got a means to just show up and click like. They might have not even read your whole post.
Interesting that a number of posts knocking Facebook are appearing on Google+. Hmmmm.
isn't any communication better than none?
Don't worry abou FB. They are due to decline in users over the next year, and I believe it will be a significant number. Now that they are publicly traded, they have dividends and intrest to pay shareholders. The resolve for that is to start charging for accounts and/or usage. People will stop using the servce when this happens. Meaningful communication is threatened by technology in the communications industry, no matter the platform used.
This is so funny and true.... Uh Oh! ;)
just as josh martinez said it's funny and true also those are some cute bunnys or rabbits what ever they are they are cute
why do people like Facebook, it gets boring after a while
Hi i am noah want to be friends

I deactivated my Facebook over three weeks now. I can live with or without it!
Facebook has never appealed to me. It's always seemed too voyeristic. I think Google got it right with Circles and giving more control to the user. But, Ive found it hard to get my friends to at least try it out. Facebook's days are numbered at the top. I'd keep an eye on Pinterest. Google needs to similar functionality.
I'm not aloud to have one and I don't want one it starts too much drama!
Weli A
I don't understand this post, still getting used to the new Android App.
i never liked F amily B ook since i was never able to totally remove things from it.
You could make a better case against twitter for that.
Have never had nor never will have facebook
Bleh... I'm not a fan, but I think Facebook enables people to communicate when they normally wouldn't.
I agree with Alan. I wouldn't talk to a lot of ppl without Facebook. But I don't overkill it. 
some one help me to stop recieving notification about google+ on my email
It's killing privacy. Big Brother is watching.
Although I agree with the cartoon and many of the comments, I find it ironic that It's being posted on google+ (another social networking site)
just use facebook keep in touch with familly
Wen teens get wind of google+ , itll go down the shitter too. Damn kids
The whole Facebook/Zuckerburg saga is tired and nauseating!
What's more meaningful than 'Like'? It concisely expresses a clear concept (agreement or approval) which is as meaningful as the context it occurs in.

You might need a lot of words to express certain big ideas, but the small ideas can be just as important.
Facebook is a great tool but a terrible crutch. People, especially younger people, seem to rely to much on a social media site rather that direct communication. In addition it seems that the use of a cell phone as a phone is on steady decline and I can't get behind that. You miss so much with out hearing someones voice.
Oh my garnish! Facebook is titled in Swype mode. Eww.
It was until G+ came along. The land of free thought and open dialogue where everyone is welcome to participate.
facebook is cool wat r u guys talking about
F/B will have to charge to pay their investors, back when they started "free" was what helped it catch on. But now its where they want it, have lots of crisis junkies addicted and they'll pay to feed their addiction. Remember when the internet started out and everything was free?
Just hope that Google stays ahead of the game and stays free. They figured out how to get nice, big buildings and a big company by staying free to the user which was the original intent of internet. Please, Google don't get greedy!
F/B will have to charge to pay their investors, back when they started "free" was what helped it catch on. But now its where they want it, have lots of crisis junkies addicted and they'll pay to feed their addiction. Remember when the internet started out and everything was free?
Just hope that Google stays ahead of the game and stays free. They figured out how to get nice, big buildings and a big company by staying free to the user which was the original intent of internet. Please, Google don't get greedy!
+1, like.... What's the difference?
Dong D.
What??? All i can read are post from a bunch of losers...
Wouldn't it be funnier if he said "Like?" ?
Google+ is doing the same, but instead of "Like" we've got "+1"...
I feel G+'s latest update will do the same. Browsing the stream sucks now.
facebook is for superficial relationships and comments. I have only been on google+ for 6 months Here I can have more meaningfull discussions (hashtags are good for this) and not get heaps of game requests which just annoy me on facebook.
You're retarded if you think google + is any different from Facebook. Its the same thing.
Facebook just ends up with people fussing over trivia.
<33 the Like.
I think the cell phone is the cause along with the internet. But both can be used wisely..
No Facebook here...never will. Besides why Facebook when you can Google.
I just wish more of my friends were on here.
The truth is that Facebook has given has the perfect avenue for what i call "Lazy interaction". It allows you shallow interaction without your having to go the extra mile to really show that you care
You, like, haven't, like, listened to a teenager lately.
That's, like, true. Sad. Maybe. You could say it's a legitimate addition to the language, but it does seem to degrade it somewhat.
Ray Zzy
And Socrates though writing things down was killing meaningful conversation...
Hello, my name is Henree and I have a Facebook account. I'm ready to let it go.
Does sound like afew teenaers I know.
Facebook will die a slow and painful death over the next 3 years. When its all said an done..Myspace will turn to FB and say.. "I told you i'd see you in hell"
if "like" is too short the "+1" can't be any better
If you don't want to be bullied, get offline. Facebook is becoming useless and more he tries to make it bigger than it should be the more likely its going to fail. I miss the old facebook..students only.
Corny ass troublemakers on fb but mark is far from broke
Facebook doesn't have the hangouts terrible to even try
I tried to post this on my Facebook page but for some reason it wouldn't let me : )
Just live and let live. Can we just stop bashing Facebook! After all the crema always rises to the top. I use both G+ and Facebook the both have a place in my life.
I Deactivated two FB Acct last Week... Not Missing it at All.... Just like I did with Myspace few Years... Now a Call my Friends and Family...
I don't use Facebook often but when I do I just click that like button and move on
You are right i agree with you
Xin Li
I knew some girls in high school who would speak with the word like injected every other word. I always had a sneaking suspicion that one day for a subset of our population their conversational capacity would be reduced to only the word like.
Forget Facebook. Think about Twitter, we are intentionally limiting ourselves to a number of characters (148 I think) in order to force us to get straight to the point. No setup, no details, not conclusion....JUST ACT II
Thats cute and true too. #teamdeleatedfacebook
What's funny is that is is making a joke about Facebook while there is a link to a Facebook page at the bottom of the comic.
Its not Facebook Im worried about, its everyones love of texting. Def useful when need be, but its increase in use makes me feel as if people are losing communication skills when attempting to do such in person!
It's the hallmark of nihilism, people are so consumed by their own personal world that feel compelled to carry it with them at all times. I agree PJ, by carrying their own limited perspective in their pockets they shut out the true meaning in life. Be there!
As if Google+ is any different in that regard. Pot, meet Kettle.
I don't Facebook. I don't know why anyone would keep others informed about what they do 24/7!!??
I signed up to facebook just for fun not for socializing my self. And i hate people updating their wall once every 10 or
20 minutes, it is really time wasting and not profitable.
R u giys reytarded by commenting or say hi helloo to this socianetwork is same.. as FB USER... I feel sorry for u guys.. FB doesnt get blame for anything accept ur poor judgement on life.. if u dont just stop using all social app site.
all:-) :-) :-) right:-) :-) :-) :-)
Jim A
Facebook is for those that do not have truly good friends.
I totally agree that "Facebook" is a negative element in communications. It is - JUST BY ACCIDENT that anyone connects on "Facebook". It is just bogus!
I dont need to read the article... by just reading some Facebook comments I know what its gonna say
hi kase ho m aapse friendship knrna chati hu
Facebook is dumb. Waste away your life with everyones gossip.
Fb = let others have a chance to gossip about you.
m bhi apse dosti karna chahata
Annoying how fb is often the only way to sign in to sites :/ everyone should make google sign in a option..
great, so if FB folds all the attention whores and gossip mongers who dont know the difference between a social network and a garden fence will flood into Google+. hope that will make you happy.
zuckerberg should worrie if he has a facebook with the amount of money he is loosing
In fact, I was always doing that on Facebook. I only "like" posts but don't reply. :P
I think Facebook was a great medium. But, we live our entire lives around posting personal biz n snooping on others.
I don't like FB, either. The problem is all my nieces and nephews, (and most of my friends) are on FB.
They are apples and oranges. I don't see the need for exclusivity. They both serve a purpose in my life. They are networking sites.
Its a very good source to connect your dear and near one to communicate your emotions and feeling in your busy schedule to without visiting them but the young generation made it a 'FAKEBOOK'
Young generation make fb as uncommunication network but in real fb is a communication boady
FB because we don't even want to waste time spelling it out. It was conceived by an immature, yet brilliant mind and stayed immature.
I dont think so...
we r just using that in form to share & find friends that it...
Hello !I use Fb sometimes .Ive never tried google.Fb is all drama and whining.!!
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