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I just lost about 50 cents worth of respect for 50 cent.
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+Stuart Duncan -- what??!! Well, maybe it was good he uncircled you. He's not worth your time. Thanks for your own post. 50 Cent's tweets were completely despicable. No excuses. I don't care who he is. 
thank you for posting this link. sad that people can even still say things like that.
If it was Presiden Obama, it would be serious, but it's just a celebrity. Since when do we issue a Def-Con level 1? He apologized quickly which is key when lots of kids are following him. When did Rush Limbaugh ever apologize that quickly?
+Bob Calder, I'm sorry, I'm not with you. I think with great power comes great responsibility. With his following, he's in a position of power. Lots of kids-- including potential bullies-- look up to him and like to emulate him. I take EVERYONE seriously when they say stuff like that. Like I said, I don't care who you are. 
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