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I never knew why the term "420" was associated with pot. But by the power of Google now I know!
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The internet is an amazing conglomerate of knowledge.... and BullShit. LOL
Once again, Google has saved us from looking stupid in front of people who already knew stuff. Thank you, Google :D And happy 420 peeps!
Next you'll be admitting that you had no idea the movie Titanic was about a real event.
Well the movie is fiction in reality. And no I've never watched the movie. Never will. Since I know the ending!!!
And I honestly had no idea what the 420 thing meant. Always heard people saying it but never knew what it meant. Kinda dumb now that i know what it means.
+Hugh Briss Actually, the only reason I went to see Titanic was that I wanted to see the ship break apart. I had no interest in the love story or Leo; in fact, I haven't even seen the movie, despite getting tickets.

The theater was so full of Leo fangirls, they were sitting in the aisles. My friend, his mom, and I (note, that it was said friend who talked me into seeing the movie for the story and it would be his...seventh time (?) seeing it) saw Die Another Day instead. Which wasn't terribly bad.
Funny thing is the way they depicted the ship breaking apart in the movie was false.
Oh, then I haven't missed anything of importance. Awesome, cause I refuse to spend money on the 3D version.
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