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In-depth article for those you curious about the Galaxy S III

You have to admit, Samsung tried to go all out with their ecosystem on this phone.

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Just want to take a moment and say how cool this post looks in the iOS G+ app.

Cool article too. Definitely curious to see the new hardware. I may jump ship in July, just haven't decided yet. Android just isn't quite where I want it to be to give up hundreds of bucks in ios apps o_O
+Brett Bjornsen I hear you loud and clear. I would find it difficult as well with that amount of money invested.
I mean, a good chunk of those apps are high end games that I don't really play much any more... but there's a few productivity apps that I heavily rely on that were pretty pricy and/or don't have android equivalents. Some of the utility and photography apps I have cost upwards of $20/ea. Makes it hard to bite the cost of a new phone when considering the back end cost of getting it to where I want it, when it's easier to just stick with iOS... plug and play ease of use and upgrade is a hard mistress to break away from.
+Brett Bjornsen In the other hand, the more time you'll stick with iOS, the more probably you will invest in new apps... Apple is good at keeping users into its ecosystem :)
I'm already pretty well past that point of no return... it all boils down to, can the iPhone 5 have all the features I'm expecting to be improved on in this iteration (so far, I haven't been disappointed by the even numbered releases). If it does, and android doesn't have anything that is light years ahead at that time, it's certainly not gonna be worth it still.

Now, if Google Glass was a reality and you could only get it on an droid... and it worked like the video... that's the kind light years ahead I'm waiting for... and I doubt it's gonna get there.
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