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Google Drive is here!

"Keep everything, share anything."

Exploring Google Drive (overview)

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The page runs smooth as silk, but the download is at a few bytes per second atm :/
oh no, it's there now.. if you take the "start" part off the url. But that's the url in the video description and it's 404.
I'm excited and testing it out now. I can't seem to get the mobile version yet.
I'm disappointed that ignore support isn't available. I need flexible tools to ignore folders or certain file extensions. Dropbox has half of that, why not Drive?
Drive doesn't have a lot of stuff that dropbox does, that I'd like to have.. such as a passcode and auto uploading for pics and vids.
Still though, this is day one... hour one really.
So they have time to improve.
Yeah, I installed the desktop client then went to install the mobile client and it said it was already installed. I looked on my phone and there it was already. But then I noticed that Docs was gone.
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