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Why's it in the shape of an apple? BLOCKED.
I love Android Develop, I love Google !
shaped like an Apple, because Android is shaped like an Apple...

"Think Android" underneath, because thinking different would take actual effort (and lead to a product such as WindowsPhone7), while "Think Android" just copies Apple and changes enough to avoid litigation..

I think this is a GREAT logo, it shows the problems with the Android community perfectly.
+Ari Kolbeinsson
1 - Android was in development years before Google bought the company and years before iOS. I don't see anything that Android copied from iOS. On the other hand, Apple "invented" drop down notifications right?
2 - Apple's litigation is based on their fear of competition and is only buying them time. It will go nowhere because it is all about idiotic software patents that should have never been granted in the first place.
Apple got patents on things that others did and have been doing years before Steve Jobs "invented" the iPhone.
3 - You are a GREAT example of an Apple drone.

EDIT: Oh, and the think different reference is really great considering that Apple is all about choice right?

Do I need to explain to you what the "i" on Apple devices means?
Um Android is not shaped like an Apple....
Yes, Android was in development years before iOS, yet changed from a Blackberry clone to an iPhone clone just after the iPhone's release. There is NOTHING obvious about the layout or interaction used on iOS until AFTER somebody has done it that way. When the interaction is done the same way, down to the visualisations for interaction (such as the little grey dots to denote multiple "pages" of the desktop) then it's safe to say that the developers are not being fueled by least not their own. Same goes for Apple's copying of the drop down notification system (which they implemented badly. Copying tends to end in bad and clunky implementations, no matter who does the copying).

Think Different.... yeah, about inspiration for creation, because so many content creators use products from Apple. Which is why this reference becomes a little self-defeating.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like Android. I just don't like the silly people who think that it is Android vs Apple and make stupid logos that really just show how far up their behinds their heads are. It is Android FOR Android. Not against anything or anyone. Android doesn't gain anything by Android fans using anti-someoneelse propaganda, that only suggests that Android fans are the same sort of fanatics that Apple users have been accused of being. Is that REALLY the image you want to project?.
Try to make logos and visualisations that show the strengths of Android...

(and for the record I also think that Apple's ads against MS were childish and may have been self-defeating, as were MS stupid attempts at a rebuttal. This kind of crap doesn't help the brand, the system, or the ecosystem, labels users of the system as fanatics, and only preaches to the choir)
i love Android.. i own an Android but i don't find this cool.. seriously!
+Ari Kolbeinsson

Read this, watch the video and get back to me.

Android was developed from the start with multiple form factors in mind.
Basically the Blackberry look / screen size was just one of many.

And I can also tell you never used Maemo (now MeeGo). Most of what people like you believe came from the sacred halls of Apple was already there.
For me, it still the best mobile OS ever made. Shame that Nokia was undermined from within... by Microsoft.

And feel free to point out stuff that Apple invented, hardware or software, and I'll be happy to prove you wrong 99% of the time.
(Notice I said Invented, not "borrowed" and made it shiny)

I'll give you 1 example right now. Slide to unlock was done before the iPhone and Apple still got the Patent for it. And is now using this ridiculous software patent to sue others.

I work in Multimedia and Web for over 12 years now, been using computers since '82 and I have never owned an Apple device.
Only 1 company I worked for had 1 Mac there, gathering dust.
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