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Where are all my Fringe fans at?
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Wow, new season already? That was fast. (at least it doesn't seem like the end of the last season was that long ago.)
Saw a teaser commercial on Fox... They showed Peter and Olivia in a playground with their daughter and then the Observers showed up...
I can't believe this is the last season, I'm sad :(
Oh, I didn't know that!
That is not cool.
+robin vabolis Fringe is one of the coolest series I've ever watched, but I don't know why the ratings wasn't good, that's why this is the last season
hey guys, if you like Fringe make sure to add +Fringe Circle to your circles, it is the best page of Fringe here in Google Plus
I have so much Fringe to catch up on! Last I saw was the end of S2 ! :(
Yup. I was hooked on it. I can't wait til a new season comes out.
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